23rd May 2005, 17:04

I disagree with all this talk about "didn't care for the car" that is why it broke argument. Honda lemmings will always point how tough it is, but when something breaks, it is because the owner abused it. Obviously there are a few knowledgeable owners who see that Honda's are not all that great after all. And there are cars out there that do not need any big maintenance other than oil change and tires. Things like CV joints, transmissions, power windows, engine valves are major repair items that should have lasted the life of the car.

24th Apr 2006, 19:37

I know of an abused Accord. Oil Changes every 6 months or 12,000 miles; 85,000 year old tires that have yet to blow out; driven not too hard, but with tires that are shot and oil that is darker than black coffee, that is abuse. I am sorry if you believe that it's just Honda hype. Look at some of the reviews and you will find many Honda's with over 250,000 miles on them. Honda hype -- no way! Poor maintenance -- I bet!

20th Jan 2007, 04:43

I would keep these older Accords they were a lot better in my opinion... unlike the newest ones. I owned Honda til recently. I would buy new domestics or old imports... as of 2007.

20th Jan 2007, 22:18

So why are new domestics the new smoking gun? Could it be the 50 jobs eliminated so that an instrument panel can be put in with one piece (G6). Could it be that Enterprise or Avis puts a special solvent into the engine that makes the car run better? I know what it is!!! Could it be that the platform under their cars have had 20 years to settle and cure? YOU BET!!! I pride myself to have an old 1988 GM W car and also to have a new 2007 GM W car. I can compete with my brother who has a 1988 Accord that is nothing like his 1992 Accord or 2004 Accord for that matter. What is the point of having a fresh and technological built car when you can have a tried and true 20 year old 2007 model?

20th Apr 2008, 09:09

I have had both domestic and imports, and imports win hands down in reliability and quality.

I will keep driving my Civic Si and Accord EX-R until something better comes along. You cannot beat the performance to cost ratio.

To the Malibu owner who has 400k. I could have bought two brand new cars with the gas I save driving my cars compared to yours. Not hating, but just a fact.

10th Sep 2010, 00:04

I drove a 89 Plymouth Sundance with 115k miles on 3 cyl out of 4, after buying a cheap rebuilt head, because I didn't change out the radiator after it developed a leak, so I made the car run hot, and it developed a head gasket leak...

My brother blessed me with a 93 Accord for 400 bucks; after 17 years of use, some of the electronics, rubber and plastics have started to breakdown and typical '93 Accord known issues "google that"

Otherwise I am stilled blessed of The Lord 8-) in Baltimore.