26th Sep 2005, 16:27

Sounds like your everlasting Honda isn't so everlasting after all. I've owned/driven a couple of domestics (Pontiac, Dodge) that needed new CV joints about 175K. Your import is no better. The guy with 200K has something to talk about.

4th Dec 2005, 00:21

Depends how you drive it. Me, 81 Accord, 313,000 miles, original clutch, drive axles, engine and trans. Me again, 95 Sable, 213,000 miles, original drive axles, engine, but on the 3rd transmission. Cars last a very long time if you drive nicely.

2nd Mar 2006, 21:29

Just taken in my '97 Accord (6 cylinder) to fix oil leaks. It has 87000 miles on the clock. My mechanic pointed out to me that the cv joints need to be replaced. The rubber covers have broken and I guess grit and dirt gets in. I believe he said it would cost about $395 for the job. The wheels haven't started clicking yet so I will wait a few months before I get the change done. Honda schedule indicates that the water pump should be replaced at 105000 miles, also timing belt should be changed at 90000 miles (he said it used to be at 60000 miles, but it was changed). The labor cost for replacing the leaking seals is about $500 as a lot of stuff has to be removed, and the same work is needed to change the water pump, so the pump should be changed if the seals are to be replaced otherwise it will cost another $500 later on.

Ken in Katy TX.

19th Sep 2009, 19:49

A rule of thumb with any front wheel drive car is to check your CV boots every time you change your oil. The CV boots are on the CV shafts (or drive shafts), the cover the joints which are bathed in grease. When the boots crack, the grease flies out all over the back of your wheels. Then the joints dry out and break. Just before they break, they start clunking.

Also, for about $50 more that just replacing the boot, you can get a whole CV shaft installed. The labor cost is the same, so if you plan on keeping the car for awhile, REPLACE THE WHOLE SHAFT.

30th Jan 2010, 01:15

I have been looking to buy a car that will last me for a reasonably low price. I found a 1998 Honda Accord with 113,000 miles. The owner claims to have taken good care of the car. I am just a little nervous though, only because the year and high mileage. Reading through the reviews on this car reassures me though. I am just hoping to make the car last through my last years of college!

30th Jan 2010, 18:20

You can count on it. I had a '96 Accord. Excellent vehicle. Never a single issue in the entire 230,000 miles I owned it. I sold it in perfect running condition. Honda's are great.

4th Mar 2010, 01:47

Strange. I just bought a 96 Accord with V6 and leather with 230000 miles in perfect condition, do you happen to live in TX? Also I own a perfect 99 EXL V6 coupe, amazing car.

4th Mar 2010, 16:13

I'm the writer of the comment above yours.

First may I say congrats on making an excellent choice in a used vehicle. However, your car is definitely not my old Accord. I traded it in 2001 for a Nissan Maxima (I have a 100 mile daily commute, that's how I put so many miles on it in such a short time. I actually regretted selling it afterwards too. I knew it had a ton of life left in it, but I wanted something a bit newer. Ended up having to trade in the Maxima 2 years later because gas prices began to rise and it took premium fuel. That was a big mistake).

Also, my Accord was an LX with the 4 cylinder engine.

And no I don't live in Texas. I've lived in Massachusetts my entire life.