18th Apr 2009, 20:30

I purchased a used 2003 Accord EX V6 in 2004 with 28K miles.

Radio quit around 40K - replaced by dealer with no cost to me.

Transmission always seemed to shift roughly - it quit at 47K and was replaced by the dealer with no cost to me.

I've had to do the front and rear brakes once - the car now has 94K miles. Just had the front rotors machined - the mechanic says I'll need to replace them on the next brake job.

The car does not have the greatest ride in the world - but given the acceleration, grip, and handling characteristics of this vehicle, I won't complain.

I've put almost 50K on the replacement transmission with no problems at all. I've got no issues with brake or rotor wear. The Honda dealership service department has been great to deal with - they've treated me right. I hope to keep this car a long time.

16th Jul 2009, 08:45

I bought my 2003 Accord V-6 new and now have 77,000 miles on it. The car is loaded with every option Honda offered at the time. I have had NO problems at all in over 6 years of driving.

Recently we drove the car from Jacksonville, Florida to northeastern Minnesota, a total of 3,400 miles round trip and averaged over 30 MPG. We used no oil, drove at speeds over 70 MPH and enjoyed every minute of it.

We love this car and would buy another without hesitation. I'll bet there are thousands of satisfied Honda owners just like me.

Unfortunately I think only the complainers make comments. Let's hear from those who have had my experience, it's time we stood up for one of the best made cars in the world.

16th Jul 2009, 09:15

Why do you feel the need to "stand up" for a car? Are you suggesting that all these people have not had transmission and oil consumption problems? Why can't you accept that there may be a problem with this car? If the same number of people wrote these comments about a Ford, would you use it as evidence that "Ford is junk" but you simply can't accept it when said of a Honda? I don't understand...

31st Aug 2009, 09:37

Our new 2002 Acura TL Type S was a nightmare and we sold and bought GM. Honda trans issues on their best car Acura model. No praise forthcoming from us as well. The VTEC 3.2 trans patches not lasting, we just decided no more and sold.

31st Aug 2009, 14:10

My 2002 CR-V's air conditioning compressor went the first time at 65,000 miles. Having purchased the extended warranty, it 'cost' me nothing to have it fixed.

Now, my car has 130,000 and the AC has gone again. The quote to fix it this time is $3200.00.

I am amazed at all the people who have had this problem.

When I spoke to Honda America, they first told me there were no outstanding recalls on the AC unit. How can this be?

The rep at Honda also said that I may not qualify for any assistance because I had so many miles on the car.

I really hope they come through with assistance for this issue. I would never purchase a Honda again if they don't make it right.

17th Dec 2009, 14:07

I have a 2003 Honda Accord LX and I am also having the oil consumption issue, and now a warning light is coming on and I was told it was the cam sensor light by a mechanic. Not to mention the fact that my power lock stopped working three years ago and now my radio needs to be replaced. I brought this car brand new and it has 122K. This was supposed to be a great investment, so I was told. This car ended up being the worst car with the most problems that I have ever owned. I will never buy Honda again.

17th Dec 2009, 22:00

By 50,000 miles our Honda was burning a quart of oil every 3 weeks.

10th Jan 2010, 02:39

I have a 2003 loaded V6. I am experiencing the oil consumption issue, which today appears to have become a leak. I have 120K miles. I hope it's not too serious, cause I generally like the car. Had the transmission problem in 2nd gear, and Honda replaced and thought I was experiencing it again, but the dealer attributed the bouncing to the oil pressure.. since the oil was low. Changing the oil seemed to fix it the first time, but I am burning a lot of oil (or maybe even leaking now?)

27th Feb 2010, 09:53

Wow, to read all these negative comments would scare me away from buying a 2003 Accord. Too bad I already own one I guess.

Bought it used with 13k from Honda dealership over 4 years ago.

****** knock on wood ******


Cruise control on/off doesn't work, simple fix I shoved something in there to pin it down so it stays on, don't even notice it anymore really, works perfect.

Clock display goes in and out sometimes, again, does not bother me, navigation displays time also so I use it.

I had the 60k service done at 60k just because my wife drove the car and wanted to head off any problems before they got there. They supposedly changed the transmission fluid, 40k later it's dirty, which is probably normal, but it shouldn't be.

PROS, listen closely all you nay-sayers.

It's a EX coupe with 101k miles, sunroof, navigation, power everything, leather, automatic.. you get the idea.

I am on the original brakes, have absolutely no mechanical problems with transmission, have never had a check engine light come on, not once!

I get 29.6 mpg consistently, navigation tells you your MPG instantly.

Other than tires and the 260$ 60k service, I haven't invested any $$ into this vehicle since we bought it, 4 1/2 years ago and 87k miles ago.

Awesome car, extremely reliable.

Like someone mentioned above, if 1000 people own this car and 10 have a bad experience, you can guarantee those 10 will write about it, whereas the 990 who had a good experience will never think any different.

9th Mar 2010, 16:14

I have a 2003 2.4 v-tech DOHC coupe, and this is the best car I've owned. It has 189,000 miles, as I commute about 40 miles each way to work. I have noticed oil consumption, but this is normal especially for 4 cylinder engines. When I first brought the car home, my wife complained about the limited vision in the blind side areas. The ride is a bit harsh and stiff, but I prefer the sporty feel.

I just posted it on Auto Trader and I'm getting tired of all of the mileage questions from potential buyers. I think I just may hold on to it and break the 300k mark myself.

I bought a Toyota Camry 3 years ago, and it felt like I was riding on a giant marshmallow. Their 4 cylinder engine has no power compared to Honda. I traded it in for a 2007 EXL v-6 and Wow!! Love the power.

29th Jun 2010, 17:40

I have the 2003 V6 Accord with about 140K and it's been a great car, except for a few issues:

1. Brakes: Got them replaced at 38K and again at 100K

2. Radio/6 CD Player: dealer replaced under warranty, but CDs skip now.

3. Did not start a few times, but works okay now.

4. The driver seat frame comes unbuckled.

5. Driver's side heater light went out at 35K.

6. Issues with the computer and emissions system, still resolved.

7. Check engine light for emissions comes on and goes off by itself every few days.

Great to drive and a decent ride, but reading about these issues really scares me.

16th Jan 2011, 10:17

I am contemplating buying a 2003 V6 EX. It has 255,000 miles on it, and runs and drives like it has 50,000 miles. No noises, smooth engine and shifting, quiet and smooth running. It is the original owner, and he has hardly had an issue. Should I buy the car?