5th Jun 2006, 21:15

Apparently the clean Diesel is slated to come to North America in 2007 sometime.

13th Jul 2006, 11:09

Luckily I noticed the tramlining problem before I bought the car. I got the dealer to replace the 17 inch alloys with standard 15 inch alloys. It made a huge difference to the ease of driving the car.

The small windows in the back are not popular with my passengers.

7th Mar 2007, 14:14

The oil consumption does sound excessive, but this can be the case in the first 10k kms 6500miles.

After this you SHOULD see an improvement and try changing to a synthetic diesel engine oil, this helps.

17th Jul 2009, 12:02

Interesting about the fuel consumption. My '07 CR-V improves with mileage - it now averages a shade over 40 mpg. I had a newer CR-V as a loan car today and it was struggling to get to mid-30s!

18th Feb 2010, 06:54

An interesting drive, but overrated in my opinion (I have a 2005 EX 2.2 Tourer) :

• Depends on what you have been driving before, but the road noise is disappointingly high, even on 16 inch wheels.

• Torque steer is unpleasant - linked to lack of feel on the steering.

• Engine response (nothing till 2000 RPM then BANZI!) is amusing, but not very practical or smooth to drive. I am sure it is the cause of poor fuel consumption too.

• The interior is a bit tacky (a general Japanese car issue) and not very durable.

• The load cover is a joke…. cheap roller blind!

• The paint falls off the alloy wheels!

• The list of stupid expensive failures on this series of vehicle doesn’t fit in with Honda’s supposed reputation either: Clutches fail in less than 100K miles, headlights let water in, exhaust manifolds crack, turbo’s fail, tailgate motor dies, cam chain fails. Some of these are covered by an extended warranty, but it’s not good.

If you want something different to drive, buy one; it does have good points, but if it's build quality and reliability you are after……. Forget it - it’s a myth!

9th Jul 2010, 10:48

Totally agree with the above post. On mine - turbo failed at 108k miles, clutch failed at 90k miles, clutch cylinder failed before I bought the car and was still creaking, exhaust manifold cracked - replaced by dealer, but still stunk of fumes.

Very very poor.