2005 Honda Accord 2.2 i-CTDI Exec 2.2 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Fast, comfortable, massive, but fun to drive, very good, but thirsty (40 mpg in a diesel) car


Bass rattle in left door.

General Comments:

It’s got a great engine, especially when you feed it good diesel (BP ultimate or the like makes a surprisingly large difference). Overtaking is a doddle, and you can easily break the limit without noticing. The cruise control is going to be a licence saver.

It is nowhere near as efficient as I was expecting – I get about 40 mpg, which is good considering the performance, but very bad considering the claimed combined figures.

It does use some oil – I’ve got used to just checking my oil after I’ve gone in and paid when refuelling. It’s used 2 litres in 6k miles so far.

It handles astoundingly well for such a large car, is massively comfortable while not sacrificing fun on twisty roads. You only notice the size when you look in the mirror at the distant rear window.

The electric boot is surprisingly useful.

It has a great stereo (on Ex spec), but no input for mp3 player.

It’s massive, and the single fold seats are very useful. I got a double mattress in there without folding it.

I’ve got the optional 17” alloys, but haven’t found that they mess up the ride too much, but they do tram-line sometimes, not enough to be annoying though.

It’s not as quiet as I would have liked, but this is very road surface dependant and I think it's probably due to the 17" wheels.

Overall I'm delighted, with only the fuel and oil consumption niggling. From other drivers, I have good grounds to believe that both will improve markedly over the next 10k miles.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2006

26th Apr 2006, 12:33

Sigh. If only Honda would release a diesel Accord over here in the States.

30th Apr 2006, 11:13

Uh, I doubt that USA diesel fuel conforms to these new diesel engine fuel regulations! Low sulphur especially. This 2.2 i-CTDi compared to the usual USA turbo diesels is light years away in every aspect, hence the need for better quality fuel.

So is my opinion, I do not live in the States to know the real situation; I'm open for comments.

2005 Honda Accord LX 3L V6 from North America


Not what I expected from Honda Accord


1. Hissing and squeaking noises from the power steering wheel have become more intense and objectionable. These noises could also be heard in the engine compartment from out side.

2. Earlier when I used to open the trunk using the remote keys without opening the car door lock, the passive alarm used to get activated. Now this phenomenon has become random. Sometime it dose and sometime it dose not and remains completely silent.

3. The remote key always used to make particular ‘indicator’ noises when used for both opening and closing the door locks. Now, sometime it dose not make that sound and remains mute.

4. When I take a left turn a squeaking noise appears from the front side of the car: as if something is loose in the suspension system or joints.

5. When climbing slopes if rpm goes to ~ 3000 rpm, sometime I get the smell of burnt oil. Is it normal with such a new car?

6. The driver side door makes rattling noises when the window is fully closed. If I open the window a little bit, the noise disappears.

7. Intermittent squeaking belt noise when the car remains in P and N gear.

General Comments:

Powerful and quick. Comfortable and spacious. But till now not happy because so many problem appeared and so soon.

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Review Date: 19th January, 2006

16th Feb 2006, 16:22

I get the annoying, "6. The driver side door makes rattling noises when the window is fully closed. If I open the window a little bit, the noise disappears." I also get an intermittent "clink-clink" from the driver side, rear strut mount; possibly a poorly designed strut bearing. Other than this, I like my Accord. It's been easy to maintain over the last 30K miles: oil filter is accessible through the passenger side wheel well, drain plug is accessible without crawling under the vehicle, cabin filter is easily change, air filter requires a little finesse, and the brake pads are easy to inspect--though they do look a little more difficult to replace than necessary, we'll see. It's not exciting, but it works for me.

23rd Feb 2006, 21:34

…. The dealer had replaced steering rack and hoses to eliminate the squeaking and hissing noise that was there before in my Honda Accord LX V6. Now there is no such noise. However two more problems are there for which I need to go again for mechanical servicing -

1. Squealing noise from the front suspension at low speed under little bumpy roads. The noise is more prominent why I take right turns. The noise does not appear if the outside temperature is far below zero and in cold rainy day. It seems something is tight in the suspension assembly.

2. When I turn my steering full right I get 2-3 mild ticking noises as if something is touching with the steering. This appears in both forward and reverse gear.

All other things are OK. The car is great in high speed. It goes easily to >90mph with ~ less than 3000 rpm. The insulation to reduce the engine noise is very good. The gas mileage is better that other V6 models.

18th Dec 2007, 10:41

I see you guys are having trouble with a noise coming from driver side window. But when you open it a little, it disappears. Easy solution, clean the tip of window and the slot from inside t which window closes into. Basically, dirt and salts gets inside there and jams the window in. When it grinds against it, it makes noise. By cleaning it and may be lubricating it, this problem will be solved. It did for me :)

Happy Accord driving.