2005 Honda Accord LX-G 204 IVTEC from North America


Best car for a daily commuter


Nothing has gone wrong yet.

General Comments:

I'm going to write a type of review you won’t find on many websites. Yes that’s right, a review from a daily commuter's perspective. Before buying my accord, I did an extensive search on internet looking for any article that would help me find a best commuter car, but got nothing. So, I decided to set come criteria based on my daily experience and used them to find a car.

I drive 200 kilometres a day for work and here are the criteria I judged my previous civic and current Accord (I4) on.

- Road noise: Researchers say, road and wind noise in a car is more tiring for the driver than any thing else. Honda Accord is a very quiet car on highway. You can hear your radio well at a low volume.

- Fuel Economy: My civic gave me 35-36 mpg on highway at 120km/h where my Accord is giving 32-34 mpg at 120km/h. Civic revs at 3200 rmp at this speed where accord revs at only 2500 rmp making your ride quite. Thanks to the 5sp Automatic transmission which you won’t find in many Sedans.

- Comfort: With a 4 cylinder accord, you get a fuel economy of an I4 and comfort of a V6. No matter how windy it is out there, you still feel the grip on the road and find yourself controlling the car unlike the dancing civic. If need be, you can push your right foot a little pass those mother truckers and middle laners in seconds.

- Insurance: Since I drive a lot, my insurance premier is higher than normal. When I replaced my 03 civic with a 2005 accord, I saved $200 on insurance per year. Yes that’s right, civic is one of the most expansive cars to insure.

I would suggest any commuter out there looking for a car to take some time and then make decision. Do not rush.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2007

9th Aug 2007, 03:57

I want to thank you for writing such an interesting review that truly is looking at things from a different angle. My sister has an 03 Accord that she plans to pass on to my mom when she trades in mom's car and gets a new car, and I was wondering how the Civic did as a highway commuter car, especially compared to the Accord. I think you have swayed me from suggesting she consider the Civic over the Accord as a replacement for her 03 Accord.

2005 Honda Accord Euro 2.4 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Fantastic 2nd car, looks great and drives well


Not a lot has gone wrong. Only items required to be addressed under warranty so far is a squeaky speaker trim.

General Comments:

This car is seriously quick and handles like it's on rails.

Good interior and features. Subdued and very Germanic.

Have loaded an ipod kit into it and the system handles it well.

Looks good with it's wedgy shape.

Standard alloys always attract attention.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2007

2005 Honda Accord LX from North America


Simply Superb!!


Nothing! This car has absolutely nothing wrong with it!

General Comments:

I have had many cars in my life and this one is utterly fantastic. The thing that first struck me is the safety features. It's rare (although up and coming) that a car have side, front and curtain airbags all come standard.

Secondly, it is VERY comfortable. The seats are very soft. The backseat has enough room for my 6'6" friend to sit in the back and feel comfortable. The sliding armrest/console in the front allows shorter drivers (like myself) to easily rest their arms while driving. The telescoping wheel allows me to maintain comfort while driving. Also, you can hardly feel the road beneath you and there is little road noise.

My gas mileage is fantastic. I average about 420 miles per tank with mostly city driving and I average around 500 highway miles. The tank on this sedan is over 17 gallons, which makes it a little costly to fill up, but it runs for weeks!

My experiences with the dealers have been fantastic so far, getting regular checkups. My 20,000 mile checkup was around $80 from the dealer.

I have had this car for over a year and would recommend it to anyone!

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Review Date: 15th September, 2006

11th Feb 2007, 23:07

Coming from a Mercury Tracer is a great improvement!

As good as the Accord is, it's far from perfect. My 2005 Accord V6 CPE is my 10th Honda, & I've seen their quality suffer for the past 4 years. I thought it might just be me, but their CSI numbers have been decreasing, while their recall issues have been increasing. May have to switch brand loyalty this year & try something new... until Honda

gets back to what got them to where they were.