10th Apr 2006, 17:27

Since you appear to not be very knowledgeable mechanically at least it appears by this review... you may want to trade it in or better yet sell privately getting its blue book value. It is approaching high mileage, but being a Honda it should be easy to sell. Or I would trade it in on another Honda perhaps getting a better trade in same model again. With a new car you will have monthly payments, but also a new car warranty. You are seeing pretty high repair bills. I also try to stay out of dealerships when the warranty expires as well. Good luck!

2nd Jul 2006, 08:41

I agree with the second comment that you are paying WAY too much for the basics on this car. Stop relying on the dealer for everything, or anything for that matter as it seems your dealer is ripping you off. Find a good independent mechanic and your love for this car will return! Also, shop around online for things like the headlight lenses and such. $600 each is at least three times as much as those should cost. Before buying new ones though, try a headlight cleaning kit. Some of these work better than you might think.

2nd Jul 2006, 19:50

My 99 has its cruise control light out too on the dashboard. Just remember that when it is flush with the dash it is on, and when it is sticking out it is off. Simple! No need to lose sleep over it...

13th Sep 2006, 11:09

As far as repairs and the dealership goes, there are some good dealers out there, but I take mine to an independent shop. They are quite a bit cheaper, use ONLY Honda parts, and have a very good reputation in my area. And some of the tune up/repairs are costly. But when I consider that I have not even replaced the spark plugs, wires, timing belt, etc. yet at 115k... (doing all that soon), then it doesn't sound so bad. My girlfriends mom comes out of her GM dealer (Chev Tahoe) with 1-2k bills on a yearly basis.