21st May 2006, 21:01

Hmmm, a manufacturing failure? I think not. You seem to be the only person on here with this problem. Ball joints and things tend to go out because of wear and tear. As far as the other parts are concerned, they go out as the car is older. All cars have problems and Honda's are no exception, but the Japanese have an advantage. Since you said you are not going to be another Honda again, I feel sorry that you will have to drive something worse, something more boring to drive, and more ugly.

25th May 2006, 11:58

I had a 1994 Accord EX for 6 years and 114,000 miles, and had ZERO problems with it other than the climate control knob breaking, which was replaced for free. My first set of tires lasted 60,000 miles. Just wondering if the guy who had all the problems followed Honda's standard maintenance schedule, including tire rotations. I am currently on my fifth Accord since 1988, and aside from one minor automatic transmission problem (covered under warranty) with my 1990 and the above mentioned climate control knob problem on the '94, I haven't had any problems. The only things I had to spend money on is new tires every 60,000 miles or so and normal break wear. I keep all of them for 100,000 miles and more.

14th Jun 2006, 07:53

It all has to be maintenance! My 1994 does have 232,000 on its clock and it was built in Japan. Many would argue that it is more reliable than the same car built in Marysville, but that is unlikely. Though the car is built all over in Japan, Marysville, Maybe even East Liberty in the future, South America, and Canada factory production is probably in the works, they all share the same parts. The only difference I have noticed was that the mirror on my 94 was made from a different company than the mirror on my other 94 that was built in America, which has 270,000 miles on it. If you buy these things new you will find that the way they manufacture Honda's; parts in Japan to build the car will be the same as ones used to build the car in America. No difference. As it has been said by research, Honda owners are just more anal about things breaking on their cars.

7th Jul 2006, 13:32

I'm glad I got on this site, because if these are all the things that go wrong, I don't want to chance having an accident. I have a soon to be 11 month old, and don't want things falling off any car that I get. Thanks for letting me know, and this is one car marked off of my list. Thanks.


10th Jul 2006, 01:01

Yeah buy an Expedition and have it destroy your house... again, reasoning that has to do with operator failure.

9th Sep 2006, 22:27

My 94 LX was built in America, and poorly maintained. But after 160k miles and being beat on rather severely I am afraid to say, it still runs like a champ. Actually, just two weeks ago I decided to replace the clutch as I did not want to get stranded at school with a $1000 repair bill, but when I took out the original clutch I was shocked. Very little wear. I also took the opportunity to replace all the front balljoints, 1 driveshaft and some seals. The balljoints were actually just fine until I screwed them up though.

19th Mar 2007, 12:26

I am considering buying a 94 Accord EX. I am just wondering if this problem with the ball joint mentioned is exclusive to 94's or is it much of a problem in general? I am a fan of Accord's as they are quiet, solid vehicles. Still looking in Atlanta.

31st Jul 2007, 20:40

I just bought a '94 accord with 133k miles it had been crunched in the front and hit in the rear. Yet as soon as I fixed the cosmetic damage (nothing else) the car goes down the road great! how much more would you want from a car??? I highly recommend this car

7th Sep 2007, 12:29

I have a 94 Honda Accord LX with 179,000+ miles on it.

I have had only 1 problem with my car, which lead to me getting a new radiator... But that happens to a car that is 13 years old. I think Hondas are great cars. Nobody will ever find a car that doesn't have problems eventually, its the brutal truth. Its how companies make money.

15th Jun 2009, 09:32

We just had a catastrophic ball joint failure on our '94 Accord wagon while traveling about 60 mph on the Mass Turnpike highway. Very frightening! My husband had no control over the car (we were in the middle lane) but somehow, miraculously, he got the car over to the breakdown lane. We are awaiting word on the repair and what it will cost, etc. right now. We just had the car in the shop for some other wheel work and I'm surprised they didn't tell us that they saw the ball joint wearing... Our car has 150,000 miles on it. If you own this car and it has high mileage, and you haven't had the ball joints replaced, do so today. We were very, very lucky that we were not in a terrible accident (and our 11 year old was in the car with us!)

18th Jun 2009, 01:36

I hate this car. I like the way it looks, and it drives nice, but so many things have gone wrong. I think it is like a curse for me, and it isn't the cars fault. Well, not exactly.

I need new ball joints, which sucks they are expensive and I am poor, but that is understandable. I think it has a fuel injector problem... it doesn't like to start. Oil leaks and transmission leaks are a must no matter how many times I fix them. Transmission shifts hard. Automatic windows tend to go slow. And it only has 130,xxx miles on it. I think previous owners ran the crap out of it.

The good is the engine runs strong, and the brakes. Never had a problem with it running hot. All the indicator light work. It is a nice ride, but it just drives bad and it scares me every time I drive... oh no what's going to happen next.

7th Feb 2010, 12:27

Why don't you just check your ball joints? You neglect to properly inspect and/or conduct preventative maintenance, and then when your car breaks you blame the car? Learn how to do simple preventative maintenance and checks. It's not difficult.

If you read through the reviews found on this website (for all makes/models, not just the 94 Accord) and actually pay honest attention to what people are saying, you'll notice that the ones who whine the most are people who believe it's everybody else's responsibility to maintain their cars and keep them safe, and most people who give good reviews understand that the safety and maintenance of their car is THEIR responsibility. That doesn't necessarily mean doing all your own work, it just simply means being proactive.

23rd Jun 2010, 14:41

"The ball joint let loose"

And so that makes Honda's "flimsy"? If you couldn't tell that your ball joints were so worn out that they were about to let go, that's no fault of Honda's. Ball joints are wear items, and they do wear out.

26th Jul 2011, 08:58

I've seen this happen, believe it or not.