26th Jul 2006, 13:19

Yeah I know what the poster means. I had a 1990 Honda that only made it to 500,000 miles and the radio broke. Geese! How unreliable! I will never buy a Honda vehicle again. I will buy a Ford or Yugo for my next car.

7th Aug 2006, 17:18

I also recently purchased a 2006 Accord VP. It is by far the best sedan I have ever owned, and there have been many. It handles and rides great. No squeaks or rattles, tight as a drum even when driven over terrible New england roads. The 4cyl engine has more power than many of the v6's I had. Did I mention the fuel economy? 28mpg in the city and 38 on the hwy, with an automatic transmission, it turns a leisurely 2100 rpm@65 mph. The quality of materials is far superior to most of the other vehicles I have owned, OK, the Toyota's were just as good. I'm amazed how Honda can sell a car with all the standard features of the VP for such a low price. It really is the perfect car. Don't think twice about purchasing this vehicle.

16th Aug 2006, 11:02

Sounds like a dealer's comments.

23rd Aug 2006, 21:40

I too, have just purchased an '06 Accord VP. I was a service tech for GM for several years & saw tons of electrical problems, rattles, & your average GM would only go 30K before having something major go wrong.

I now have two Hondas in my drive way & work as a Honda Tech. Most Hondas only come in for regular maintenance work. I've seen Accords go 600K with regular servicing. I will never recomend a GM to anyone. It's Honda or Toyota for the best value.

28th Oct 2006, 23:25

To the last commenter: the 500,000 mile radio breaking guy was being sarcastic.

31st Oct 2006, 16:42

I Don't know about you guys, but I have 06 accord Le, and the mileage stinks. my 97 chevy lumina ate less gas than this.

The dealer told me it needs some new filter or something. but I don't buy it, it's only a few months old and has 3k miles.

24th Nov 2006, 10:27

I've a '06 accord and the engine is extremely smooth at lower rpms.. and it does like 180 kmh (112 mph) @ 3100 rpm thanks to the 5 speed transmission. Mileage is excellent, I get around 550 kms on a full tank, even driving rough and over 650 when careful. And it says 170+ hp, but it surely feels a lot more than that! Go HONDA!!

26th Nov 2006, 18:18

We purchased a new Honda Accord 6 cyl in August of this year. It is absolutely terrible why Honda would ruin a great ride with the low profile rims and tires. The 2006 rides so hard, as if there are no shocks at all. We owned a 99 Honda Accord prior to this and a 96 prior to that. There is NO comparison to the ride. The older ones puts the 2006 to shame. The 4 cyl have the regular tires on them and they ride great!!! Very Disgusted Customer.

16th Dec 2006, 23:53

Beleive me, take care of it. Mst owners will get rid of of it after 2-3 years. Second owners have more to tell...

7th Feb 2007, 00:45

My 1991 Jetta had more room in the back seat than my friends 1991 Accord. I don't think original poster owned anything other cars other than 2 Hondas and maybe one other car.

21st Feb 2007, 19:48

I am a proud owner of a VP. I wanted to spend as little as possible for a newer used car. I couldn't afford an accord LX so I looked at the new Civic and I thought my 94 Accord rode better.

With the research on Edmund's I discovered the VP, which was actually less expensive than the Civic, the Civic was hot at the time with gas near $4.00.

For $16,000 with my 12 year old trade which gave me $1000, I got a brand new Accord!!! The deal of the century. So it lacks body color mirrors and I move them with a stick like my grandpa did. Limited colors to Blue, White, Gold and Silver, 4 speakers and manual seats -big whoop. No 6 cd changer, what's a CD again?? Might as well be 8-track!

19th Mar 2007, 01:57

I'm driving a 2006 Accord LX, and after 12,000 miles it's been a mixed bag for me. The drive and handling is great, with a smooth and responsive suspension and no rattles at all. The car just feels great. My fuel economy has been mediocre at best. I'm averaging 22.4 mpg over the life of the car. As recently as 10,000 miles, I've gotten down to 16 mpg. My best fuel economy has been 30 mpg with 100% highway driving. Another problem has been with the power locks not unlocking after the second key turn or button press. This began about 11,000 miles.

19th Mar 2007, 14:53

If you turn you A/C switch off the car will get a lot better economy, especially in city driving. My 1997 Accord was getting 27 Mpg mixed with an automatic hooked to the 2.2 with the A/C switch on. My 1994 Accord with a manual will get 31-33 mixed (mostly city) and 41 on the highway when the AC is off.

19th Mar 2007, 16:17

This is for the reviewer 24th Nov 2006, 10:27: either is something wrong with your rpm gauge either you are lying. I have a better mileage with my 1999 Intrepid ES and if I'm reeving the engine at 3100 rpm the speed of the car is somewhere around 150 km/h. And don't forget that my car's engine is more powerful than yours thus more torque.

31st Jul 2007, 11:02

That poster commenting on poor mileage either is calculating it wrongly, drives strangely, or has a faulty vehicle. I have never got less than 32 mpg imperial (all urban), and have often seen 45mpg on 100% highway runs averaging 10% over the posted speed limit. I have got 1010 kms on a full tank - over 620 miles. and this is not crawling either - calculated average speed was over 60mph, and crossing the Rockies too!

17th Aug 2007, 00:42

To the poster of 31st Jul 2007, 11:02, while I'll admit that Hondas are very good on gas, that sounds a little far fetched!

18th Aug 2007, 18:23

And 147 miles per hour on a Arizona canyon with a Sonata is impossible?

I will believe a Honda Accord getting that mileage because I owned one that did 41 miles per gallon.

Just when you thought something was impossible, you find yourself wrong.

1st Sep 2007, 21:10

The comment of 31 July referenced fuel economy to an IMPERIAL gallon, guys. That means five quarts to the gallon, not the four of our gallon.

19th Sep 2007, 07:13

I hope the guy who said his Pontiac was better than a Honda was joking. I have had two Pontiacs (one my father FORCED me to buy when I was 16 because it was US made, and the other given to me free of charge) and they have both sucked horribly. Awful cars! Awful!

And if that guy was serious, wait until it hits the 70k mile mark. It will fall apart on you, guaranteed.

2nd Aug 2009, 13:07

I bought a Honda Accord VP 2006 for $17230 + tax. It all came out to $18250.

The car is going great. I had to replace the air filter and transmission fluid at 30k miles. Except for the normal oil change at Walmart, there has been no other servicing.

I have about 30k miles on it now.

Great car for the price.


Dallas, TX.

19th Aug 2009, 10:58

I've got a 98 Accord coupe with 64k and it's starting to ride hard. The roads here in Minneapolis suck anyways, but anyone know if there's any underlining problem with the 98 Accord's suspension?

19th Aug 2009, 14:46

Pontiac 6000 was better than my Accord. Had both as company cars. Loved the iron duke engine; was even in our IO boat too.