1984 Honda City Pro T 1.2L from Australia and New Zealand


24 years young and still kicking hard


Had to have the exhaust replaced when I bought it, cost about 160AUD.

Rear engine mounting had to be replaced as well, which cost about 40AUD.

Water pump thermostat repaired at about 50,000 km.

Seats worn and ripped, so sadly had to be replaced.

General Comments:

Odometer only goes to 99,000km so I have little idea of how far the car has gone.

Done 2 services personally on her and the first was the only concerning one, don't think it had been done in a while. Second service was very easy.

Uses no oil, put oil in on the first service, never needed to top up, took pretty clean oil out on the second service.

Boot is a bit tricky to close, but nothing a 10 year old couldn't get the hang of closing.

Never had a problem with freeways or city driving. Doesn't like the hills so much with a full tank of fuel, but for a 1200 can't expect much better, in fact could expect way worse. On a nice long straight you can always squeeze out a bit more speed, never seems to stop accelerating with your foot flat, although accelerating is slow after about 110km/h.

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Review Date: 8th December, 2008

1984 Honda City Pro-T 1.2 normally aspirated from Australia and New Zealand


Great little car, very reliable and a lot of fun to drive


No problems for the first 3 years (which is good for a car already 14 years old).

Odometer only runs to 99,000 so it's hard to tell if it had done 140,000 or 240,000 when I got it.

Replaced the passenger side CV joint (cost about $200) at around 220,000Km.

Water pump went at around the same time.

Have had the exhaust pipe welded up twice (should have replaced it the first time).

General Comments:

The 5 speed gearbox means this car is fine on freeways or around town.

Great little motors in these things. Motor runs quiet, and I haven't noticed any smoke. Seems to run extremely well on Shell Optimax.

I get about 15Km/L, and that's with a small leak in the fuel tank.

Steering is very light, direct and responsive (the car only weighs about 900Kg, so you don't need power steering!).

The factory tyres are 165/80R12, which don't handle very well if you throw the car around. Get some Accord 13" wheels and put on 175/60R13 to really improve the ride and cornering. You can do that without any modifications, and the speedo will remain correct.

The seats are getting a bit tired, so you'll find that they mould to your body after a while, but things may be uncomfortable when you first get in!

No rust problems, but due to its history the paint-work is starting to get a bit tired (mainly on the bonnet and back hatch), so polishing up is difficult for those areas. Other paint-work is fine.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2001

6th Sep 2002, 23:09

Go the City! These little cars are cheap as chips, very reliable, and full of character, they make you smile. You can't buy a better car for under $1500 bucks.

14th Sep 2002, 19:22

Mine is the van. No rear seats. Small parcel barrier. Bought 109,000k.Now 217,000k Problems.Exhaust.Cured by clamping together instead of welding. Water pump.Replaced at170,000k.Ign switch at210,000k.Too expensive. Replaced with toggle and push button start. Near side drive starting to rattle. Most parts same as early Civic so available at cheap outlets.Trivia.Two other models.Turbo.Seen at Honda rally.Convertable.Seen locally. Still to be checked out. Neat site in both senses of the word. Thanks for letting me visit.Alec.