25th Sep 2002, 20:57

I owned a Honda City Turbo II. It had bulging bodywork, fully instrumented digital dash, lovley plush interior and performance which frequently dropped the jaws of executive sedan drivers as it blatted past at warp speed. An incredible and rare car these days. I would give my eye teeth to get another one, even in need of restoration.

23rd Feb 2003, 02:22

I'm thinking of chucking a Honda city turbo engine into my little Suzuki alto and am wondering if it will fit.

Apparently its most likely the only decent engine that will fit in my alto 81 but I'm not sure.

23rd Apr 2003, 03:04

Hi my name is Jacob and I have a Honda city pro-T and I am not sure what year it is, but I think it's around 20 years old. I was wondering if any of you know what the kind of power out put, top speed etc etc is. If you do would you please email me at guess_whos_who@hotmail.com.

Thanks Jacob.

24th Jan 2004, 01:58


I have a lovely 3 door hatch 1984 Honda City (no Turbo), red and five speed manual. I have had her Yes, it's a her, for four years, and she starts everyday without exception, except when the battery died. She has only traveled 110000Km's and I am the third Local Owner. My little car loves to race off the boy racers at the lights, and we do get some laughs from them. One even waved after passing. The only problem is, they love to travel over 100Km mark in fifth gear, and don't like to slow down. I am sorry to say I am looking at possibly selling, as my three boys are getting to big, and space is getting tight. After reading all the comments on these great little cars, I think I will keep the car and trade the boys!Joke Joke, but I am now thinking, I might keep her. There are not too many reviews on other cars, that are generally as positive as the Honda City. What a loyal bunch of owners we are.

12th Mar 2004, 03:32

I own a '87 Honda city it's got a 5speed and a pod filter with a cold air induction and a tachometer and it sounds like a vtec, but goes half as well. I think it is a perfectly balanced, reliable and cheap to run car I love it.

14th Mar 2004, 03:15

Hey I love these cars, i've only ever seen one and I really want one for my first car. Does anyone know of anyone that's selling?

If so email me at SURFY_GIRL_YAY@hotmail.com.

31st Mar 2004, 08:56

Hi City Lovers.

I've just gotten my 84' Red 5 Speed Honda City and I absolutely love it. I managed to bargain the seller down to $800 and he threw in an extra engine. I was driving a Toyota Camry and Honda Accord before this and I must say, this has been the most fun car I've had. I'm just wondering where I could service it cheaply in Sydney? Anybody has any ideas?

4th Jul 2004, 04:30

I love my City to bits.

It is a ‘85 Honda City PRO T. Red (r-50), five-speed manual, two seater. I have had the car since 2001, and it has only had one previous owner.

The car has done about 160,000kms. For an eighties car it has a refreshing good look, void of too many square or rectangular objects. I love its little round headlights, which give it a lovely character. Being a two seater, I can remove the cargo bar and lower the passenger seat fully to allow long objects to fit in the car (amongst other things).

The 1237cc engine has ample power for a small car (61hp (45Kw) and 100Nm (68lbs/f) ). This doesn’t sound like much until you understand that it only weighs little over 700kg. Which gives it a bit more squirt. That car has a 41 litre fuel tank, and sometimes I forget that the car runs on anything; it’s that far between refueling. I will get about 17L/100km when I have the car tuned in. Since it’s a pre 86 vehicle, it was designed for leaded petrol. I have installed an additive tube in the fuel line for areas where LRP isn’t available; in this case it is best to use a fuel with an octane higher than 97 (PULP) to prevent engine knocking and improve fuel economy.

As for driving dynamics, the City is extremely nimble. Apart from it feeling a little unnatural turning corner while decelerating, it has good sharp handling. Steering and ride response is truly amazing (If you have any sensitive spots, I suggest not driving it on dirt roads, which is hard when you live in the country). Unfortunately, road noise should be charged with crimes against humanity, but when you love the car so much, it's easily forgivable. Compared to other vehicles, braking requires a little more driver input to bring the car to a stop, but they are more than suitable for the low speed, high traffic driving they were designed for.

I have very few problems with the car, the most expensive being the full replacement of drive shafts, which I had to replace after I realized that the CV joint boots had split and almost seized the joints, because I left the job too late. I salvaged new ones off two scrap Honda Citys I bought for $350. Bargain! I have also had to replace the ignition switch with a start button and a lunched starter motor. Otherwise, the car is relatively maintenance free. What I love about this car is it's so easy to repair; it’s a simple design that works well.

There is very minor rust, only along the insides of the back hatch seal at the bottom, a few places inside the engine bay and some bits around the jack points. All of which I coated in a hard wax lubricant, for a temporary measure. Faded paint only appears on the roof and back half of the car (tailgate).

Some things you need to look for in second hand Honda Citys is leaking and seized brake systems, worn clutches, and rust under weather seals. One thing you won’t escape is a loose driver’s side interior door handle and sometimes a split in the top of the steering wheel.

As I said before, I love my City, and I’m sure that many other City owners love their Citys just as much. If you ever come across one for sale, don’t hesitate, go get it.

3rd Aug 2004, 04:35

If anyone needs any advice on City's mainly turbos (but also the plain variety), head over to http://www.cityturbo.com and drop a line in the forums.



25th Jun 2005, 20:02

Hey all so far I have found your sight to be quite helpful, just got a 1984 Honda city pro t for $50 runs really well just needs new breaks, but one thing I really want to know is what does the t stand for???

12th Sep 2005, 04:24

I don't like these Honda's, they are death traps, Honda's are very poorly built espescially the City's!

My sister used to own 1 and she liked it as it is fun to drive until she nudge someone doing probably 1km and the whole front bumper fell off, I also used to remember leaning on the front side panel and the whole thing used to dent in and pop back out again, I think they are made of old drink cans!