6th Nov 2005, 00:51

Lol. Nice try, previous poster. _MY_ sister drove her city off the side of a mountain. It rolled a few times and hit a tree. She walked away, and the car was repaired and still runs (also passed another roadworthy).

Now sure, they won't survive an encounter with today's urban cowboys in their suburban tanks at high speed, but few things would. One thing that driving a city does is make you a better driver. When you know that there are few other vehicles you could take on in a collision and survive you get a good sense of your own mortality. This makes you a pretty good driver :-)

The cars handle well under emergency situations, the handling is progressive and the only time you'll have unpredictable behavior is with worn stock tires on standing water - due to the short wheelbase things get pretty twitchy there.

As for build quality that's what exposes you as a troll - anyone who's driven a Honda (be it a cheapie or an expensive model) just knows that build quality is something they do remarkably well at, regardless of price. Yes the sheet metal work is light, it's a light, small car. But the panel did pop back out by itself, didn't it? Try doing that with a holden :-)

12th Mar 2006, 03:34

This is a sad comment. I've a City we bought about two years ago as a cheap run about, named "The Bucket". It's been very reliable and great to drive, but it's motor is on it's last legs, something that I feel really sorry about.

I've checked out getting another motor for it, but they are now scarce as hen's teeth. I've even investigated getting an Accord engine whacked in, something a local wrecker is doing here in Perth, but it won't be insurable.

So, I have read the comments that have preceded mine and I can relate to the little crack at the top of the steering wheel, the drivers side door handle being loose and many of the other comments about this quirky car, but this will be my eulogy to my "Bucket" as I doubt the local constabulary will allow it remain on the road much longer.

Here's to a great little car!

2nd Jul 2006, 00:15


My name is Max and I have a Honda City (84), I have to say it is a pretty good ride. I actually got this car for free, my friend bought it, used it for a little bit and then he dumped it in his garage, I took a look at it and decided to take this car home, I live in the country side and a small car like that is pretty useful, I originally wanted to make a little pickup out of it, but when I drove it, I started to love it, its handling is awesome, acceleration for that old car is pretty good too. And so I decided to tune this car, I changed the clutch, now it has a double clutch, I also threw in a cold air intake system etc. this car runs well, I mean you all have to try it.

By the way, what are the data on this car, I mean original 0-100km, fuel usage etc. My friend is considering buying a City himself and wants to know. Please e-mail me: smax@hot.ee

Thanks, sincerely Max.

4th Jul 2006, 18:44


I have an 84 Honda City, bought from its previous owner for $8,000 in 1989. It has travelled all over Australia - my previous partner called it "Bonsai". I look after it with regular 3 month services from my local trustworthy Honda repair chap, and have just had the brakes and ball joints R & R ready for re-registration next month.

As I have just bought my first new car (Proton Savvy OK - but good value) my boys have told me to 'get rid of the City".

I can't - I drive it at weekends, protect it under an insulated cover, and love it to death.

It has been and is one of the great little cars in the world. The body work is a bit worse for wear, but the engine is sweet and... well it is a joy to drive.


5th Jan 2007, 08:54

That's all the world needs, a 15 year old drive with a turbo engine.

I STRONGLY suggest you take some money (which you obviously have) and go take a REAL driving school course taught by REAL professionals.

14th Feb 2007, 21:50

Hey out there, who new the terrific little Honda Pro City T was such a loved car. My husband has owned many motorbikes and powerful cars in our 25 years together (we are both in our early forties), but the 2 Honda City's that he owns know are in his words "the bee's bloody knees" She is everything a car should be- CHEAP-RELIABLE-COOL, and like small dogs extremely COCKY. And considering that she was born in the same year as the "Honda VF750F" the best motorbike at its time, she can't be anything, but amazing to play with. We actually collect our own firewood (our heating source is an open fire) and we collect it all in one of our Honda's. Best pack horse ever!!

Angela & Ian from Tassie.

1st Jul 2008, 20:09

I recently bought one of these (in Tasmania). I really like it. It is used in preference to our Hi Lux for reasons of economy. This car is fun to drive, is very practical and cheap to run, and it looks cute. It is in good condition and I hope to keep it going for some years to come.

Does anyone know the significance of "Pro-T". Also any good sources of information, I know about CityTurbo.com. Any other good sites?

20th Sep 2008, 02:36

I am trying to find an on-line manual for a 1989 Honda City. Does anybody know where to look?

3rd Apr 2009, 03:47

Hi City lovers!

I own a Turbo 2, and what I can say is that it is a fully addictive car. I've had it for 9 years now (it's an 84 model) and have regrettably let it go a little bit. I left it in the paddock for the last 3 years and it's a little worse for wear. The rust is just every where. I didn't cover it up (d'oh!). I feel so sorry for it.

The thing was a blast to drive, used to sound like an old rally car with the turbo flutter on de-celeration. Then started modifying it. Put a split dump pipe waste-gate vented to atmosphere and boosted it up to 20 psi. I wasted many a car. It was so much fun.

I am trying to restore it now, it just means so much to me. It was my first car after all. So as a warning to others, don't buy this car as a first car, you will not want to let it go! So quirky it is, that you will fall in love!

Hot in the City tonight!

26th Apr 2009, 09:47

Love at first sight!

Just about to buy a 1983 City ProT. Wanted a cheap reliable form of transport to give my R33 a rest. Then browsing one day I spotted this bright yellow little beauty. Not sure how many km's are on it, but the motor just purrs. Interior is a little worse for wear, has been resprayed in original colour.

Guess I've just been bitten by the quirkiness of these little cars.

6th Jun 2014, 08:26

Just recently I was driving past a car yard when this little yellow car caught my eye. So, on my way back from a job I dropped in, and $2000 later I was the proud owner of a 1986 Honda Pro T with only 70000km on the clock. The automatic gearbox was smooth and the rest was tight... SHE corners like she's on rails and is a beaut to drive.

I would like to locate a workshop manual, but don't hold out much hope.

All in all, SHE's a keeper.