1983 Honda Civic 4 door sedan 1.5L from North America


Hawk Adam 12 is alive and well. Long live Hawk Adam 12


Fixing the alternator for third time on second voltage regulator.

CVs done last year.

Repaired passenger door window guide rear door.

New starter, water pump.

Rust hole in rubber tracks on top of the car.

Leak around antennae grommet.

New cigar lighter, radio, speakers, headlights.

Had an issue 2 years ago with charging system failure. Alternator and voltage regulator replaced. Since this failure, issues remain regarding charging system. Wiring appears secure intact, battery still discharges. No parasitic draw found on battery test. Had alternator tested and diodes not working. New alternator soon.

General Comments:

Bought this car in 2004 when I purchased my new motorcycle. Needed foul weather transport because I don't care for riding in the rain or cold. Oh, I've done it... Just don't care for it!!!

Clean interior, tight driveability, sound running engine and not too beat up for 200,000 miles. Basically a intact old commuter that has its TLC needs.

It's been very reliable, forgoing the most recent charging issue.

It has a ten plus gallon tank that I only have to fill about every three months. My commute is short, about 8 blocks from home, but I run this thing all over. Unless I make a long trip (100 plus miles), I maintain one fill up every three months.

Very happy with this car. The appearance, the comfort, driveability and reliability speak volumes of the Honda trademark.

I have family in the auto repair trade, and they always say Honda and Toyota are the most dependable cars on the road today. Even the ones that have thousands of miles or numbers of years on them.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2015

29th Nov 2015, 04:19

I gotta ask... what is the "Hawk Adam 12" reference about?

1983 Honda Civic DX 1.5L from North America




Just about zero problems whatsoever with the car. The only time it ever kept me from getting to where I wanted to go was when the thermostat stuck closed and had to be changed at 180000 miles.

Other regular fixes over the life of this car have been (and well worth it)...

Timing belts change every 90000 miles.

Alternator changes about every 200000 miles.

CV joints about every 4 to 5 years from the rubber wearing out and letting road grit into them.

Headlamp Wiper Turn Signal combo switch on the wheel wore, and was changed at about 300000 miles.

Carburetor rebuilt once sometime after 300000 miles also.

EGR emissions valve worked on a couple of times, and a couple of catalytic converters changed as well, though this may not apply as part of the car in some areas.

Once we did a pre-chamber service, which is the most major service without doing a valve job.

General Comments:

This is probably the best car I have ever owned. All of the above are very minor contributions in keeping such a pleasantly reliable and economical car running.

It has gotten a consistent 47 miles per gallon highway and 35 miles per gallon city even to this day, and this is not a hybrid vehicle.

I have done the normal things like getting new batteries and brakes once in a while, but this car is still on the original clutch and transmission as well.

Just cannot say enough good about this car! It has always passed smog tests with relative ease, and this is the first year it is having some difficulty, due probably to some carbon build-up, but the compression is still good! Because of the performance of this car, other friends and family members have bought almost a dozen cars from the same dealership.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2006

1983 Honda Civic hatch petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Its small, its reliable, it'll go for ever!


Some small rust spots (fix them myself)

Replaced the radiator thermostat ($35)

Front CV joints replaced ($350)

General Comments:

The little Honda Civic just keeps on going, and purrs along like a Rolls.

The interior trim is in terrific condition, 20 years on, no cracking of the vinyl or plastic. Everything works, the instrumentation dimmer, the rear wiper and demister, the "ding dong" lights-on warning bells.

The 5-speed shift is a bit notchy getting into first, maybe a sign the clutch will go sometime soon.

If only all cars were made to last like these little puppies.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2004