1983 Honda Civic 1500 4-door sedan 1.5 liter carburated from North America


Looks awful inside, but overall a buy-again vehicle


Electrical system problem: tail lights and dash lights are tricky, keep going out, especially when going over a bump or on a rough ride? Perhaps a loose connection, but where? Fuses check out okay.

ERG replaced in September 2003.

Radiator leak 2002; replaced.

Upholstery is tattered, but the car came with ruined upholstery.

Dents, after a police car hit it while it was parked legally (police still haven't fessed up).

Cracked window recently, due to a rock?

General Comments:

Overall a bullet-proof engine; I've driven this car 400 miles in desert heat and its worked fine. Handles very well.

A bit under-powered on hills.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2004

17th Oct 2009, 18:17

I had 1983 Honda Civic hatchback, and it was a nightmare. It was primitive and gutless. The design was so outdated that it had a manual choke. The car had no power at all. It was harrowing when I tried to keep up with traffic, or go through an intersection.

It had a bizarre transmission called Hondamatic. It should have been called Hondanightmare. Basically, it was a shiftable automatic, with 1st and 2nd gear, and overdrive. I had major problems with the transmission. The Civic was like a tin can inside, and it never started in cold weather, despite being plugged into the block heater. I hated that car, and it must have hated me because it died in the middle of the road, leaving me stranded. I will never buy another Honda as long as I live. They are the most overrated, overpriced cars on the road.

18th Oct 2009, 09:52

I recently had to replace an engine in an '83 Civic. Of course, this was after the odometer had been maxed out twice, and the owner had horribly abused the vehicle for its entire life. I think if it can take that much abuse, it was a pretty decent vehicle. The transmission was the original by the way, and it stayed with the vehicle when the new engine was put in.

9th Aug 2011, 02:57

I'm not sure what Civic you had, the 83 doesn't have a manual choke. The car isn't shy of power and lasts forever!! Is this possible your joking? I have one, and it's now August 2011 and has 147000 miles on it. The engine has never been rebuilt and it is a Hondamatic, and that hasn't been rebuilt either. This car just keeps going and it gets great mileage and parts are cheap now. Most of all, it's FUN to drive!

12th Oct 2014, 01:05

Are you sure it was a Honda? I have owned two, a 2000 Accord, which I wrecked. Passed out at the wheel due to a medical condition. And currently, an '83 Civic 1300 fe. Both of these were/are outstanding cars, best cars I've ever owned.

1983 Honda Civic from Greece




No serious problems that make this car leave you in the middle of nowhere.

General Comments:

The road ends this car not.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2003

20th May 2009, 06:50

Yes, this unbreakable machine keeps going on and on. Everyday use and no problems. Had to replace only tires, engine oil, radiator fluid, sparks and nothing else.

Mathusalas xa xa xa!!!

1983 Honda Civic 1300FE 1.3 from North America


Best transportation bargain on the planet


Carburetor floats replaced at 100,000 miles. Alternator replaced at 130,000 miles. Front disc pads replaced every 50,000 and rear brake linings replaced every 100,000 miles. Master cylinder replaced at 200,000 miles. Cylinder head rebuilt at 150,000 miles. Trip odometer failed at 175,000. Igniter failed at 190,000 miles. Distributer centrifugal advance springs fatigued at 200,000 miles. Right constant velocity joint was clicking at 200,000 miles which proved to be loose grease seal. After 15 years body rust was beginning to show. Battery clamp has corroded away.

General Comments:

The hatchback is very comfortable, utilitarian and reliable. The engine is very well matched to the transmission and the car handles reasonably well. The car is not fast, but will definitely get you where you're going.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2003