16th Apr 2007, 10:06

Ah well the key word here is TUNED.

16th Oct 2007, 17:13

The Civic VTi is the ultimate for a 1.6 non turbo. The way to keep with a Subaru or an Evo is to launch the car. For those pathetic drivers that have a VTi and don't know how to do it I will tell them. You have to rev the car to about 4500rpm. Then when setting off pull the clutch up to biting point and let go of it slowly. Whilst letting go off it rev the engine more. This will put the car into vtec almost straight away shredding about a second of the 0-60 time. So my car does 0-60 normally about 7 seconds. But with the launch it does it about 6 seconds allowing me to put Subaru and Evo drivers to shame.!!!

17th Oct 2007, 02:08

Even if what you are saying is true, though I can't see it myself, 6 seconds is still not enough for even a 225 base WRX, let alone an STI or EVO. You Will never get off the line as good as AWD. And after launch you would get left too.

18th Oct 2007, 02:38

The guy who wrote the comment above obviously doesn't know what he's talking about, first of all I've had a look on Parkers and it shows a 6.1 0-60 time of a standard WRX which only has 214bhp, don't know how he manages to keep up with Subaru's that have 260 to 280bhp, I think it's his first nippy car and he thinks he can take anything on.

By all means the VTi is not a slow car, in fact it's very quick for a 1.6, but don't spoil its reputation by saying it keeps up with Impreza's; maybe if it was tuned to 200+ bhp.

18th Oct 2007, 04:50

The 215 BHP bug eye is around 6 seconds I believe, the later 225 03 ones were 5.6 and the 260-280 ones are anything from 4.5 seconds to 5.2 4.5 for a P1 through to 5.2 for an STI then you have ones in between like the WRX PPP (and there is a lot on the road) witch has a claimed 4.8 I know you have to abuse it to get these times, but still if you didn't rev the bollocks off it on a launch the AWD and power still do their job, I have an impreza, I've never abused it at launch, but have beaten faster cars than this civic.

18th Oct 2007, 11:37

What's that Civic guy on about with this "launch" rubbish. The given time for the Civic VTi is 7.7, and when I time it I sometimes get 7.5, sometimes 7.9; it is around 7.7 - 7.8. Do you think when they were testing the car they didn't know how to get the best from it? You probably raced a crap non turbo Impreza; no way would you keep up even the slowest turbo models.

There is no such thing as a "launch" with this car; everyone that drives a v-tec Honda knows how to start the car off in v-tec; we're not thick. Stop ruining the reputation of the car; can't you see what you're doing, you're making everyone leave negative comments about it when everyone should be praising it for being one of the fastest 1.6 cars ever. Do you seriously think Honda would make the Civic Type R slower than what the VTi was.

18th Apr 2008, 18:13

Launch... LOL. "4500 RPM and then let the clutch out slowly", that sounds like the perfect way to ruin a clutch. Anyway what if the WRX or EVO drivers used the 'launch'?.

21st Apr 2008, 04:04

If a Subaru or any turbo car did a launch, the vtec would get left for dead, even if it's a Type R.

1st Aug 2008, 14:22

A VTi will not beat any scooby/evo off the lights, but once moving will stick with the lower powered Imprezas like the normal WRX etc, as you can't just look at 0-60 times and say that's that! As if you look at the power to weight ratio, there is very little difference!

My friend used to have a 98 VTi when I had a dc2 Integra, and in a drag race the Integra wouldn't get much on the Civic until silly speeds, and I had no problem sticking with the average Impreza.

11th Aug 2008, 13:45

OK, most off what people are saying on here makes sense and I would agree with! However I have a 94 Civic VTi, which I have:

Mugen chipped (which adds 10hp and takes my rpm to 9500)

Miami induction kit

Apexi manifold back exhaust


Stripped with only two seats

This may not be standard, but standard is 170hp and 0-60 in 7.2 secs. Mines running 198hp and 0-60 in 6.3 with wheel spin.

I can get straight round to 134 in 4th gear before my acceleration really starts to slow down once in 5th. I've left a few of the Subaru wagons behind and stay with just about most things! Obviously have lost a few as well! LOL

I just wanna say for a 1.6 non turbo I think that the VTis are stupidly ridiculous fun. And for what they are, you really do have to pay them a little respect! But respect to Evos, Subarus and Skylines too, or anything that's modded!

12th Aug 2008, 09:47

"This may not be standard, but standard is 170hp and 0-60 in 7.2 seconds. Mines running 198hp and 0-60 in 6.3 with wheel spin"

No standard is 160 bhp and 0-60 in 7.7 and you wouldn't get anywhere near 198bhp with those mods 170 if you where lucky.