22nd Aug 2009, 20:19


Well, it's at 27,000 miles now. Still very happy with it of course. Just got it detailed actually! Looks great, nice and shiny. I'm really glad that I bought it. I was skeptical at first, I used to be a domestic-only owner. I was looking into buying a Ford Focus after my Ford Windstar died (in hindsight, I don't know why I even still trusted Ford at the time!) But my grandson told me to look at a Honda, and a Civic in particular. So I stopped by the dealer one day and test drove the one I have now. After the test drive, I began signing the paperwork. I was so impressed! I bought a Toyota Corolla once back in 1973, and it was the worst car I ever owned, but now I see Honda and Toyota have really improved! I see why the Big 3 are struggling now, look at what they have to compete with! My Civic totally changed my view on cars, I used to think I had to live with the repairs that were constantly coming with my domestics, that all cars were like that. But now I see that I don't have to put up with my car being in the shop all the time! I love my Civic, and I plan to drive it till the day I die.

27th Aug 2009, 17:22

Another update: Have found one fault with the car at this time. I'm not a big fan of the "Drive-by-Wire" throttle system. It takes a second to realize you've stepped on the gas and if you step off the gas and then step on it again without easing on smoothly, the sensor opens up the throttle too much and the car jerks forward and begins to speed up quickly, then realizes you haven't given it that much gas. Besides this, I love it, and it hasn't caused me any real problems.

7th Sep 2009, 15:55

Started to lose some faith in Honda when my passenger side rear doors weather stripping started coming off. Brought it into the dealer and they told me that this had been a factory error and that they would fix it free of charge. Was in and out within 10 minutes! Very pleased. Much better than the service I got from Ford.

14th Nov 2009, 11:40

I now have 31,200 miles to date. Only problem so far was the loose weatherstripping that the dealer fixed free of charge, and have not had that problem again either. Still very happy with the vehicle. My son borrowed it again for another business trip in New York and he loves it even more every time he drives it. He uses it because he doesn't trust his Malibu for the long drive. He wants to get rid of his Malibu actually, but can't bring himself to give it up just yet because the resale value is so low.

As for abuse, it's had it's fair share now that my grandson is learning how to drive in it. It's taken it all in stride and still drives like the day I drove it off the lot.

4th Jan 2010, 16:13

Update again:

34,700 miles to date. Zero issues still. I'm bringing it in for an oil change tomorrow. I'm still quite pleased with it. It really puts the fun back into driving. I drive for my job, so I'm in it a lot and it's still comfortable, rattle-free and smooth as a warm knife in butter.

Also, I don't believe that I talked about the fact that it was in accident at about 25,000 miles. I was to stressed out at the time to even think about updating this page. It was hit on the right-front fender by some idiot in an SUV who wasn't paying attention. I was stopped, and leaning on my horn trying to get his attention, but he just kept on coming and slammed straight into me. He was pulling out of a parking lot, so he wasn't going very fast (only about 20 MPH) No airbags were deployed, no one was injured (thankfully.) I drove away from the scene with zero issues driving except for the wheel well rubbing the tire upon turning right. It was all repaired and still drove perfectly afterwards, obviously. Amazingly, as I stated above, it's still rattle-free even after that.

20th Feb 2010, 21:31

Original Reviewer again. I have since traded in my Civic for a used Honda CR-V. Traded at 36,890 miles. I absolutely loved my Civic, but since I use my vehicle for work, and my job load has gotten larger, I needed a bigger vehicle. It never once gave me any sort of trouble, I even got over $11,000 on my trade! (Honda's really do hold their value.) I hope the next owner of my Civic loves it just as much as I do, and has it for many years to come.