3rd Aug 2005, 21:07

I too have an 81 Civic, and I have a mix of both worlds. I love the car, but I have had numerous problems with it. I know that this car is extremely reliable, because it has 279,000 miles on it. I have to say, despite my lack of fondness for Honda's, they sure make one heck of a engine.

3rd Jul 2007, 21:06

Our 1981 Civic Honda 1500 DX has 140,000 miles on it. We just put in a rebuilt carburetor. It gets 25 miles per gallon. We have an automatic. No rust problems as we live in Las Vegas, Nevada. We love our Civic Honda. We met a guy who had over 400,000 miles on his 1981 Civic Honda just like ours.

24th Aug 2010, 23:36

My first new car was an '81 Honda Civic 1500DX. I had just turned 21, & bought it in Aug. of '81 for $7100 delivered. I put 65000 miles on it before my first repair: the carb. float needle & seat had a piece of dirt in it. I sold it in '85 to a friend for $3000 to use for the down payment on my house. He drove it 30,000 miles before having to put a clutch & tires on it. His daughter drove it for another 40,000 miles till it rusted apart from the road salt in New England; she still wishes she had that car. Even with A/C & power steering, it still got 37mpg; this with a carbureted engine and no on-board computer. So what's the big deal that new Chevys get 27mpg? Honda was miles ahead of them then, & they're still trying to catch up.

25th Aug 2010, 16:18

Our '89 Civic began falling apart at 40,000 miles. At 50,000 it was using a quart of oil every three weeks. The CV joints went out at 50,000 and the car was junked at 99,000 with a blown engine. No more Hondas here.

30th Oct 2015, 04:42

Been about 5 years since I got a 1981 Civic 1500GL. I purchased it from a student who apparently knew the 1st owner of the car. So he would be the 2nd, and me the 3rd. Its condition wasn't my interest. Just finding one that actually is still on the road says something. Has new tires, rebuilt head, and put in a gasket, water pump and timing belt. It's been up and down the road (140k) and is still going.

The only issue I have is fuel/air ratio and high idle due to the aftermarket carb (Weber). Also the steering has play. Turn it a quarter right and the wheels stay firm. Needs shocks and springs. Whatever the case or whatever I might run into, I'd rather fix it and keep it till it gives out on me. Out in Japan they weld in 1.6 motors for more aftermarket parts, higher HP and GSR suspension... Now if the geometry is OK, then it would be a smooth ride. Getting off topic...

The car runs OK. Idles a little high sometimes. I drive it now to and from work. Averages out at 100 (more or less) miles a week, and as long as there is music, all is good. The tach and speedo don't work, but they did before, so I just listen and get the feel of speed and mph, and even RPM.


30th Oct 2015, 19:19

How's your overall mileage compared to a new Chevy Volt?