20th May 2016, 01:42

Several years and 100,000 miles? I don't agree.

An owner can provide an objective assessment of likes/dislikes within a month or two of ownership, and any problems due to inherent defects are likely to become apparent by then as well, or at most within the first year!

20th May 2016, 09:54

I disagree. We have owned several Hondas and a few Acuras. New we had minimal problems. At 30k I had trans issues. On all of them at 100k they needed things ranging from heater cores, air conditioning issues, front end work and door hardware lock issues etc. That's not counting timing belts and water pumps, tires, and brakes which are routine. My rear discs on my Acuras for some reason wore quicker than the front. Batteries seem to not last long. Xenon lights were expensive. And tires are too on the higher end models as they are larger.

Anyway, as new I feel you just notice seating comfort, handling and braking. The first year is a breeze. Then age and mileage play a toll 3-5 years out. I know; we have had Civics to TLs, new not old ones.

20th May 2016, 22:01

The "trans issues" with Hondas/Acuras are well known and have long since been resolved on the newer models. The other things cited as needing repair at 100K miles sound like normal maintenance items -- just how long do you expect moving parts to last?

Will agree with you to some extent as to premature reviews. It is kind of annoying to read a review posted by someone who has just purchased a used car and has driven it very little (or, in some cases, not at all). Still in the "honeymoon" stage, they pronounce it the greatest vehicle ever built and vow to never sell it. Almost as bad as the other extreme, the ones who buy a worn-out clunker for a few hundred dollars, then post a review calling it a lemon when they discover it needs repairs!

21st May 2016, 17:53

If I knew that I would be needing to trans under 50k miles, I would have never bought the last one. Of course the first year as a new car it was a stellar vehicle. With time it was far from it.

21st May 2016, 22:48

You are correct. Often too it's that they recently owned a more expensive domestic, but now it's quite old and they complain about it. And then buy a new econo beater and say it's the best.

Another issue I have is just because a high volume is sold, that does not always mean the highest quality. It's often over thrift. The one exception is the truck segment. People typically do not buy strictly by thrift. It's ruggedness and utility driven. I would love to see more follow up comments on ones they bought new. The original reviewer does it on date acquired. You will see ones on here with over 150000 miles and it's a lemon because it cost on repairs. Ridiculous is my thoughts on any model.

4th Mar 2017, 12:56

There are two types of reviews here, the short term one (sometimes even on a rental car), and the long term ones which can talk more about the repairs the car needed. Both are valuable in my view.

As for the new Civic, Honda mentioned they have lowered the whole car roof compared with the previous model which is already quite low seating. Low seating is not a good option for tall persons who tend to be more comfortable in minivan kind of seats where their knees can stay closer to a 90 deg position. In low seating cars, tall people tend to lack comfort as their legs stay stretched, which may be uncomfortable for the lower dorsal column.