10th Feb 2004, 21:42

I have a 1992 dx hatch back at a 130,000 and the only problem I've faced was air in my clutch and loose alternator belt... otherwise everything has been a okay... I suppose it all depends on how you treat your car. If you baby it, it will baby you ;O) "ciao and good luck"

16th Jul 2004, 14:47

I have a 1992 Honda civic hatchback that I bought to in 1999. When I bought it, it had 90+thousand miles on it. 5 years later and I now have 260,054 miles on it. The engine has lost power, naturally, but, I have never had a problem with it. Only expensive parts I have put on it are the clutch and axles. Other than that, the car still has a lot of power (good burnouts) and cruises at 80 every day with really cold AC.

If you need a new engine, etc... at 120k, you have two options:

1. New Mechanic

2. You need a bicycle bc you don't know how to take care of cars...

31st Mar 2006, 14:27

I have a 92 Civic Hatchback and I'm just now starting to have a few problems with it. I bought it since I was going back to school and the year came highly recommended to me.

I had the ignition coil go on me, and every now and then the car won't start (usually when you stop the car, run into the coffee shop quickly and come back out right away)

Recently there was major leakage around the tail-lights and it shorted out my brake lights (not very good, luckily a friend was driving behind me and noticed)

And this past weekend something happened to my transmission. I'm waiting for the repair shop to call me to tell me whats wrong with it. I'm thinking it will need a rebuild.