1992 Honda Civic 1.5 non VTEC from Australia and New Zealand


Best car for the price!


Brake light needed replacement ($5).

Head lamp needed replacement ($20).

General Comments:

Bought the base model for 1992. No frills. Cheap to run, but gutless as you'd expect from a 1.5 non VTEC. I'm happy with this car for what I paid for it. Has never given me any major issues, despite my mechanic suggesting the car might not have had any servicing since coming from Japan. (many years ago) So easy to drive, doesn't blow smoke or make funny noises.


- Seats are uncomfortable, get a sore back on long trips.

- Slow (but to be expected with the engine size).

- Not a cool looking car.


- Cheap to run.

- Easy to drive.

- Lots of space (including the boot).

- Easily the best car I could buy for the cash I had.

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2012

14th Oct 2014, 12:11

I owned this model year and displacement Civic, and sold it for a Nissan Cefiro. It trumps the Civic in every way except MPG (it has a bigger engine). It costs about the same to buy.

1992 Honda Civic VX VTec from North America


Excellent vehicle!


O2 sensor replaced at 90k. Most expensive sensor ever - for me; $400+ from dealer.

General Comments:

Great acceleration and handling; fantastic gas mileage (40 mpg + consistently); overall low maintenance cost; yet parts are expensive when rarely needed.

Put a 90 gallon water heater in the car via the hatch-back with back seat folded down – it did not close, but I got it home and unloaded it.

Never ever let me down.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2010

1992 Honda Civic DX Hatch 1.5 from North America


Loud econobox


I don't know everything that was replaced prior to acquiring this car through marriage, but per my father in law had some significant repairs.

Water pump 130,000.

Radiator 145,000.

Door locks 120,000.

Hatch strut mount 95,000.

Exhaust 130,000.

Glove Box - broken when I got it.

Master relay 135,000.

Thermostat 135,000.

Speedo cable don't remember.

Multiple set of wires most recent 135000.

Passenger mirror 120,000.

Chews through tires even with good alignment.

Leaks oil.

It may have been more reliable in its younger year, but man it sure sucks wind after 100,000.

General Comments:

It is so loud in this car that I can barely hear my music or my wife sitting right next to me. It is painful to take on a long trip for this reason. I feel like I am driving in a tin can.

The seat are insanely uncomfortable for any significant distance. In town, not too much of a problem, but serious fatigue after 1 hour.

A/C is so underpowered that I am always sweltering.

Engine is underpowered, especially with the A/C on. The car will barely move out of its own way, and idles terribly with the A/C on.

Gets fantastic mileage, even with the automatic transmission. This is the one redeeming value of this car. On the open road, it will occasionally go over 40 mpg, which is fantastic.

I feel like I am going broke, and constantly working on this this, to just keep it running.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2010

3rd Sep 2010, 16:06

I agree with your comments. I recently traded in my 93 Civic LX for a Kia Spectra SX. The car was very underpowered and idled badly. I think it was because I needed to replace the timing belt. The car was very comfortable and almost all the options still worked. I would sell the car. You would be amazed how many people will buy a 5th generation Honda Civic. I was about to sell mine on craigslist, and even with the transmission slipping, I had 50 replies in 8 hours. Good luck.

1992 Honda Civic VX VTEC from North America


Best car I have ever owned in my life


Sensor had to be replaced by 30,000 km; not too expensive.

At 260,000 bearings on distributor - had to replace whole unit; cost over $500.00 in parts and labor.

General Comments:

When I bought this car, I thought it was over priced, but my wife worked for Honda and assured me it was a great deal, and the mileage would be excellent as I drive from Mission BC to Vancouver daily... that's 150 km per day.

This car was like no other as far as gas mileage. Unbelievable!!! The first trip we took with it was from Mission to Strathmore Alberta... 960km. In 1993 the trip cost us under $25.00 for fuel. That was with me, my wife and 2 kids, plus all our luggage in the car.

The hatchback area was "FANTASTIC". With the hatch window flipped up and the hatch gate down, seats folded down, I was hauling lumber, fencing, bricks, furniture, and pretty much anything with this remarkable car.

Friends could not believe some of the things I could get into the car.

Plus I was a "BIG" person of 275 lbs. When I got as big as 330 lbs, I did have some difficulty getting out of the car as it is low to the ground. This was my only reason to sell it. I sold it to a very good friend in May 2009 with it having over 285,000 km, and he drove it till it had 350,000 km and would still be driving it, but he was involved in an accident. He hit a lamp pole at 60 km head-on. He's still driving the car, but ICBC has written it off because of the high mileage and age of the vehicle.

Honda was way ahead of their time when they came out with the Civic VX. It would be a number one seller in the market today with gas prices the way they are now.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2010