1992 Honda Civic lsi 1.5 non vtec from Iceland




Radiator replaced one week after buying it. gearbox grinds in reverse and 3rd rust is everywhere sticky gearbox hard to get from 1st to second gear.

General Comments:

Very poor performance acts like an turbo doesn't take off until it reaches 2300rpm beneath that it hardly moves.

If anyone has any idea why my car acts this way please tel me I can't afford to go to an mechanic.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2005

4th Dec 2005, 13:49

A thirteen year old car can hardly be described as a lemon. 172000 Kl when you got it? Previous owners have had the best out of this car before you. You only get a lemon if you by a new or nearly new car and it turns out wrong then that's a lemon.

1992 Honda Civic LX 2.0 from North America


Pricey, but reliable


I bought the car used and had almost four years problem free. In the last year I have replaced the computer and alternator.

Body problems I am having appear to be universal with the 1992 Civics. The rear bumper is falling off and rust is forming at the wheel base and spreading. I observe other cars like mine on the road withe the exact same issues. This must be a defect if we're all losing our bumpers.

General Comments:

This has been a reliable car and for the most part I have been pleased with it.

The interior is comfortable and instruments on dash are easily accessible. Factory stereo with tape deck has not lasted however, the LED is no longer readable.

I have not been happy with the way the body has held up and it will surely decrease the value of the car when I want to sell it. It may also have an impact on my decision to buy another Honda vehicle in the future.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2005

1st Aug 2006, 17:58

I have a 92 as well and find the body is tinny. I purchased it used from a teenager, who beat it up, so I basically replaced the entire front end and fenders (junk yard), and the stereo and the seat fabric didn't hold up, so bought used ones (junk yard). I think the air conditioning is poor however, I still like it and it has 149,000.

1992 Honda Civic VX from North America


Safe and economical, maybe the best low-cost vehicle ever sold in the U.S


I bought the car for blue book value of about $3400 and had no problems aside from regular maintenance of tires and brakes for the first few years, from 170,000 through about 270,000. Spectacular car. It hit a real "sweet spot" of reliability for that period.

At 270,000, I changed the timing belt, gambling that I could get to 300,000. I did, but it cost me. Things started to go wrong about once a month. I had to replace a few engine parts, including a fuel related thing that gave the car a gas smell for a while.

At some point, around 290,000, I bought a set of 4 new tires and found them bald in a few weeks. The wheels had gotten loose because I needed to replace the control arms and some other stuff underneath. Those had kept the wheels from wobbling. But that's a wear and tear issue that people seldom hear about because almost no one drives their car to 300,000 these days.

In the end, after $3K worth of work over about 17 months - including a stretch where the car was in the shop about once a month - the engine was losing compression because of a cracked cylinder or something inside the block. I was looking at $1,500 and upward, so I finally bailed.

Never replaced the clutch, and I drive in a lot of traffic here in the northeast. Honda must make great clutches.

General Comments:

The car got better mileage the longer I drove it. On the highway, I was getting about 49-51 mpg. I could go for 390 to 400 miles per tank on the highway. Amazing car. Plenty of space. I'm a gigging musician and it was able to load two speakers, stands, recording equipment, three guitars, a bag of cables, and a stool, among other odds and ends. Once, I left Burlington, VT heading south after a show with my tank on empty, and passed by a gas station thinking there was one more up ahead. There wasn't. I drove about 50 mph all the way to White River Junction, and actually got off the highway, downhill, looking for an open gas station a few times, before driving back up onto the highway again to continue onward through the mountains, seemingly without the help of that gas stuff. After a while, I came to the realization that the car actually doesn't really need gas. It's a secret hybrid or something. I guess the VX engine design was the trick. You'll notice there are very few of this model available on the used car market. People just don't want to give them up.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2005

18th Jun 2006, 05:52

To those who don't know about the Civic VX special power, it's that Civic VX has a very powerful V-tec-e hidden somewhere, not just any v-tec, but it's called V-tec-E. To get a powerful

V-tec-E all you have to do is...


1- Civic VX transmission to an Si transmission for short gear ratios.

2- When changing the Si transmission, you must buy a 8 to 5 pound fly-wheel, because of the lightness to pick up faster!!!

3- If your Civic VX manifold is small, you have to change to a 92 or 95 Si manifold, or you can buy a Japanese VX motor, because it come with the size of an Si manifold.

4- Upgrade to a stock Si muffler and stock Si exhuast pipe, plus you can use a GSR stock pipe if you like, works the same.

5- One last thing, take out the VX ECU to put in an Si ECU... you will be very happy with the V-tec-e!!!

To who is going to do this have and one last thing it's a gas saving car, but it can do a lot.