1992 Honda Civic from North America


This past month, my car would not start. I had to take it to two places to find out what it was-the main relay.

One of the doors does not power lock. I have to manually lock it myself.

General Comments:

I have had some time shifting the car into reverse. I have to try about five times to get it to go into reverse. I am now starting to notice that I have a time getting from second to first.

From the reviews that I have seen on here, people have been saying that it's a real gas saver. I have an 1983 Honda Prelude 5 speed and I think that that car does a lot better with gas than the Civic.

Overall, I think that this car is great.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2004

2nd Jan 2005, 23:46

Change your clutch.

1992 Honda Civic mx 1.5 vtec from Australia and New Zealand


The most fun car I have owned


Wheel alignment go out easily.

Smokes bit.

Uses oil.

General Comments:

Not built for comfort, but for a 1.5lt.

The car will wind off the clock at 195kms.

Do 46 to 50 miles to the gallon.

Climbs hills like a v8.

I will be buying another when this one dies.

Corners well, but will swap ends down hill under heavy breaking in the wet.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2004

1992 Honda Civic EX-V 1.6 VTEC from North America


A disappointment


Car in excellent interior and exterior condition upon purchase. Previous owner kept all records. Previous owner changed "A" and "B" pipes on exhaust system (rusted), multiple wheel bearings, and resolved significant brake issues, in addition to timing belt, muffler and water pump replacements.

My Repairs:

The cost of all of these repairs would have been much higher if performed at Honda dealerships, using Honda OEM replacement parts. An estimate of Dealer cost is given following each repair.

New parts installed immediately upon purchase: Clutch, distributor (distributes electricity to spark plugs, often faulty on these Civics), spark plugs, spark plug wires, fuel filter, air filter - all at 224,500.

Cost: $1,200CDN

Estimated Dealer Cost: A clutch alone is nearly $1000CDN; Total Cost: $2000.

Slave cylinder seized, unable to engage clutch; car stopped on the road - replaced at 226,500.

It Would have been $500 dollars for a new slave cylinder, plus installation, but was able to get a used one installed.

Cost: $115CDN, plus tow.

Estimated Dealer Cost: $600.

Battery, once replaced, absolutely dead. Admittedly a common problem - replaced at 227,000.

Cost: $80CDN

Dealer Cost: Same.

Radiator eaten through with rust, smell of burning coolant throughout the car - replaced at 228,500.

Cost: $300CDN

Dealer Cost: $400CDN.

Water pump faulty, coolant spilled all over my driveway; replaced timing belt at the same time - done at 232,000

Cost: $400CDN

Dealer Cost: Timing belt along is nearly $700CDN; Total Cost: $1000.

Fuel line rusted, faulty. Fuel dripping out from under the car near the fuel tank. Usually an expensive repair, but was able to get my mechanic to fix it by hand without purchasing any new parts. Replaced at 233,000

Cost: $60CDN

Dealer Cost: $250.

Right front wheel bearing faulty; already replaced once by previous owner. Replaced at 236,000

Cost: $250CDN

Dealer Cost: Same.

Right rear disk brake caliper seized;

Needed new rotor, 2 sets of brake pads, and caliper - replaced at 242,000

Cost: $500CDN

Dealer Cost: $800.

Severe electrical problem. At first was diagnosed as a faulty distributor, which, if you recall, was replaced upon purchase of the car. Then diagnosed as a faulty computer, usually a rare occurrence in Japanese automobiles. Likely also a wiring problem somewhere in the wiring harness near the firewall on the drivers side. Car will not start, no power to the spark plugs or fuel pump. Apparently this is not a unique situation with a '92 Civic.

Cost: Already $1000CDN, problem still not resolved, automobile at mechanic's. This includes 4 hours labor, a tow, and used computer.

Dealer Cost: An OEM Honda computer costs $1,300, plus installation. Total Cost: $2000+, assuming the problem can be resolved.

General Comments:

Total monies spent in 13 months of ownership on repairs: $3,905CDN

Potential costs if repairs had been performed at a Dealership: $7,380

Number of times at mechanic's: No less than 8

Does car run?: No

Would the car run if the repairs had been performed at a Honda Dealership?: No

Would I be bankrupt: Yes.

I still esteem Honda's very highly. I have friends with 500,000km on their Honda's, and knew of one who had 630,000 on his 93 Civic, with very few repairs. Their engines were flawless, and the cars held up very well in general, with periodic re-paintings.

This Honda has not been in any accidents, apart from a very small surface dent in the side and some contact with a curb, both my fault. The original clear-coat is beautiful, and the blue paint looks great, after 13 years. The interior is fantastic. I have rust-proofed the car twice, and the previous owner did so upon his original purchase.

The car ran for 3 months, once. Apart from that, it has been a mechanical disaster. I believe that at 242,500km, a top-of-the-line Honda should not experience these many problems.

I would, and probably will, purchase a newer Honda in the future, perhaps the near future if this car cannot be repaired at reasonable cost. I had looked forward to driving this car to 500,000km if possible, but have been very disappointed.

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Review Date: 25th December, 2003

26th Dec 2003, 08:03

Your review sound a little bit strange.

If it is a disappointment, why you would buy another?

20th Apr 2005, 10:32

I have owned two 1992 civics, and have not experienced these problems. The first, an LX, was purchased August 17, 1997 with 179 000 kilometers, and the list of repairs I had to do is as follows:

Windshield washer pump - $17, labour included

Alternator - $350 (I had a friend install it)

Rear door handle - $80 (it worked, I left the car locked, it didn't work.)

I sold the LX in June 2004 with 398 000 kilometers. The above list of repairs does not include routine maintenance, such as timing belt replacement or oil changes.

I currently drive a 1992 Civic EX-V. In nearly a year of driving this car, I have enjoyed the responsive engine and the improved handling dynamics over other civic models. The car has 256 000 kilometers on it, and I did have one repair: the brake booster. Overall, this is a great car, I would buy another if I could find one.