1992 Honda Civic DX from North America


Reliable, affordable, and great on gas at 234K! Doesn't get better than this!


Low performance in DX model (in other words, she takes her time getting up to speed - nothing worse than your typical minivan, though)

Oil covering spark plugs at 205K that requires engine rebuild to repair permanently; replaced spark plugs and she runs great for the short term!

Replaced pads, rotors and calipers at 202K (no idea what previous maintenance was)

Replaced PS wheel bearing at 202K.

DS wheel bearing now needs replacing at 234K.

Seat belt buckles are worn out and need replacement - seat belt does not stay clicked in (dangerous)

Uses some oil (about 1/2 quart per 4000 miles)

General Comments:

LOL -- I'm taking bets on just how long this lil trooper is going to last! I absolutely ADORE this car! =)

Interior is NOT spacious, but TONS of trunk space (surprisingly)

GREAT gas mileage - usually averaging 45 or better per gallon.

Starts up and goes down the road despite having a valve gasket leak (I think?) causing oil to drip into the spark plugs.

Steering is still nice and tight in spite of the high mileage; Drives nice and straight.

Had replacement parts before I got her; new radiator, new alternator, new timing belt, etc... ALL REGULAR MAINTENANCE.

Purchased for $1000 and have only put about $500 into her (brakes, wheel bearing, tires). Have another $200 for the bearing that needs replacement yet. Not bad for her age and mileage. And she STILL has a good resale value, all things considered.

Clutch is nice and strong, tranny good and strong, engine strong, but gets a little rough exactly at 3000 oil change intervals. She definitely 'tells' me when she's due.


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Review Date: 29th August, 2007

1992 Honda Civic DX 3 Door Hatch from North America


Love this little blue car..


Radiator was blown when purchased, leaking water onto wires, causing engine to miss.

Secondary hood latch (safety latch) failed. My boyfriend's son was in the car and pulled the latch. We didn't realise until the hood flew up and smashed the windshield.

Electrical gremlins! Blower motor failed. Headlight switch failed twice, causing all of the tail lights to go out. SRS went off unexpectedly, causing an accident.

General Comments:

Once the radiator was repaired this car ran wonderfully. It truly has been put to the test. Run off the road (damaged control arm bushings, repaired ran like new). Rusted out. (Thanks to the some serious time and energy, passenger side body restored to original condition). Lower rad support broken in accident involving SRS. Frame bent, same accident.

To look at this car, you'd think it came straight off an insurance total lot, but it runs beautifully, and I'm inclined to think it may never stop. It has a smashed windshield, a semi-disconnected bumper, a bent frame, a wire tied in radiator, rusted out drivers side rear quarter panel, there never really has been much of a clutch in it, and I learned to drive on it. I've never had to replace brakes. All in all, if I could keep this car's body in shape, I would drive it till I died...

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Review Date: 24th August, 2007

1992 Honda Civic DX 1.3 carburettor from Iceland


I traded this in for my last civic; it was a 92 LSi 1.5, which broke the timing belt tensioner.

About a month after getting the car, it started cutting out; the fault was a worn distributor and rotor; easily fixed. Other than that, it has worked very well.

General Comments:

Hondas are very good cars. This is my second Civic, and I will probably drive Civics for the rest of my life.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2007

1992 Honda Civic EX 1.5 16v SOHC carb from Malaysia


It's an OK car


Usual wear and tear items. Warranty claims were made on the airconditioning system and there were build quality issues (the car was assembled in Malaysia, not Japan).

General Comments:

Reasonably nippy and economical.

It is by and large a reliable car.

Handles and steers well, but mediocre ride quality.

5 speed manual gearbox is a joy to use.

Average refinement.

Beautifully designed exterior and interior. I think it is still the most beautiful Civic in the Civic's illustrious history.


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Review Date: 9th June, 2006

10th Jun 2006, 10:18

I agree with this writer. This Civic was and still continues to be one of the most beautiful shapes in the entire Civic family. Sure, the new one (2006 model) that's just out looks stunning. But you know, the previous two Civics just didn't have the kind of jaw-dropping effect compared to this 1992 model and the new 2006 release.

It's a real silent runner. Mine's metallic grey and the original paint today is still in very, very good condition; still glossy, still shines, still in showroom condition. The seat fabric has aged well without much wear and tear. And the drive is very well-mannered. No sudden gear change jerks, always a continuously smooth drive right up to 4,000rpms.

And you know what, here in Malaysia the price of a second hand 1992 Civic is almost at par with a 1992 Mercedes W124 model!