1992 Honda Civic DX 1.5L from North America


The best car I've ever owned, and the most uncomfortable


Replaced the CV joints several times. This is common on these cars.

Replaced the distributor after it blew apart. Also a common problem. Funny, I was able to drive it home with a cracked distributor.

Dash lights shorted out after ants infested the firewall.

A/C caused the engine to vapor lock when the clutch was engaged during really hot weather (90 degree and up). The problem was a very expensive valve I chose not to replace.

General Comments:

Besides the items listed, nothing on this car ever broke. It was the most amazing car I ever owned. 40mpg on the highway from Day 1 to the last day I owned it. It never stranded me anywhere. I followed the maintenance schedule to a 't' over the 15 years of ownership. It was worth every penny.

The car accelerated and handled like a go cart, especially with the clutch.

The interior held up well over the years. And you can pack more in the back than you think.

There was one drawback that was the reason I sold the car. It was HANDS DOWN the most uncomfortable ride I've ever experienced. Hard seats, noisy, bumpy. But again an amazing little car. We called it "The Japanese Tank."

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Review Date: 15th February, 2009

1992 Honda Civic VX 1.5 from North America


A great car for one on a budget or who travels frequently


The distributor and various electrical issues. I spent $1000 to fix various electrical issues.

General Comments:

Overall, good on fuel. 40-50mpg, great in the snow with front wheel drive. The only problem in the snow is the clearance factor.

Parts are cheap. The only major problem I had was with the electrical system, besides that, a great car.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2009

1992 Honda Civic VX 1.5 (D15Z1) from North America


I plan on keeping this car AS LONG AS I CAN!!!


Rusty distributor rotor cracked. (Installed subwoofer's just prior (very loud) may have been the cause).

Transmission is grinding (soon swapping in.

That's it.

General Comments:

The car is awesome. Not the fastest Civic of the model line, but with VTEC-E (economy) I get 54 mpg highway, and around 30 mpg city when I'm enjoying some 'spirited' driving. Much better then my mothers '07 Honda Fit. Ride is VERY comfortable! I'm 6'6" and with the seat all the way back I can very easily fit in this tiny hatchback.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2008

1992 Honda Civic SiR 1.6 DOHC from North America


I have one... Sweet!


Nothing so far but I haven't had it all too long... And the mileage is fairly low. But it's a Honda, I don't expect any major issues for some time.

Had to replace the fenders and the bumpers because the were damaged. Also replaced tires, brakes, usual stuff. Overall has been very reliable.

General Comments:

Well I feel, in 2008 and in Canada, somewhat privileged to own this car. There are a million Hondas in North America, but few EG SiR examples, especially with no rust in overall great shape. Some poor fellow imported it and needed to sell, so I snatched it up at a great price.

I drive this car in the summer months quite a bit, on average about 4-500 km per week. It is very reliable and fun to drive... For a 1.6 that is 15 years old it moves nicely while getting excellent fuel economy.

The B16A package is a great engine/transmission that is fun to zing to the redline of 8K but also very usable for the daily commute. Oh and LSD...

Oil consumption/grinding transmissions are common with B series cars but this one seems to have been well cared for.

One nice feature is the power sunroof. It also has a different layout in the back where the seats fold down crating a table. Much more usable than USDM versions.

As the suspension is of course spiffed up, I had it out at a local track day and a fun time I had. EGs handle great and this car in close to stock form is impressive. RHD is weird at first, but you figure it out pretty quick.

Anyway, people have always liked to beat up on the old FWD Civics, but for the 5K I spent, I couldn't be happier. I'd maybe like to swap in one of the more modern/powerful drivetrain packages sometime, but who knows. What I do know however is that this is a special car. I'll keep her.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2008

17th Aug 2008, 21:04

This is supposed to be a 1992 review.

16th Jul 2009, 07:04

Hey, I have a 1991 Civic Special Edition, which I bought in November, with 350,000km on it.

I replaced it with a b16a, with the SiR tranny, and this little 872 kilo car flies.

I have added a Type R fly wheel and some better headers and a 2 1/2 exhaust to give it a little more power, lowered it 2 inches, added 205-40-r16 tires for more grip, and I can say it's a good little car, and good at the track.

30th Mar 2010, 22:30

Yeah! Very fun. I wrote this a while back, still have this car, still just as awesome. Classic.