15th Dec 2002, 20:30

To repair the rocking seat there is a kit available that replaces the bushings between the seat frame and the seat tracks!

The other thing to look at before your warranty is up is the A/C condenser if so equipped, there is a problem with the fins coming loose, it still work just not as well.

I think that the next Honda may have to be a Acura for me, they seem to go a little extra.

26th Feb 2003, 17:07

I also own a 2001 Honda Civic DX-G and I had to change the suspension (left and right) after a year (~25,000)! 6 months later I started hearing the same "clicking" sound when I was turning left (same symptom the first time the shocks gave out) - I brought it in and the dealer told me I must be hearing my keys jingle! So I waited for the shocks to go out again (and I knew they would)...my appointment is on Thursday to get them fixed again (~34,000)! (car will be 2yrs old in April 2003)

So I called Customer Service to see what they are willing to offer me if this happens again after the warranty expires - and all I was told was if I kept a record of this that they would be willing to offer "Partial Support". Other than that my car's been fine so far - I'm crossing my fingers!

2nd Mar 2003, 08:33

Rumor is that Honda will be sending out a bulletin on the front struts, the seal in them goes and the lose the oil!

I know there already is a buliten out for squeaking in the rear suspension,

There was a lot of new things about the 2001 model so it seems they are a little slow to address the problems.

Hold on to every piece of paper you get, even if you have to photo copy it, it will be to your advantage down the road.

Unfortunately the dealer only replaces one side at a time under warranty, however if you were paying it is always recommended to replace in pairs!!

I have had a few problems with my 01 Civic LX, much of it to do with the dealership that I bought my car from, every time I took it in for something under warranty the would not fix the problem, but instead try to sell me a oil change or tire rotation.

I sent a letter to Honda Canada and copied the dealer (look in your manual) and it was resolved by another dealership addressing the problems and actually fixing them!

Make sure if you send a letter that you quote dates, invoice numbers, or what ever you have because the dealer has to submit the paper work also to Honda.

9th May 2004, 21:28

We have had our Civic since April 2001 LX-G, only problem was the front struts, replaced under warranty. Car know has 67000km's and we did the front brakes at the oil change time. The little car just keeps going strong, but yea keep all paper work, I've noticed the atmosphere at the dealership has changed (not as nice) But over all this car is doing much better then the Ford I purchased new. 3yrs of owning the ford we have appox 50 Work Orders in for warranty issues. as compared to 1 for the civic.