22nd Dec 2002, 04:37

Yeah, the Civic GL is a great car and fairly quick too. I own one of these as well as a Corolla GTi, but the Corolla will easily out perform it. Never tried it against a Civic 1.6 VTEC though...

6th Jun 2003, 03:05

You have to remember I have modded my Honda civic, so those who say Gt-i's etc would beat me, you are right if my civic was standard, but I've done a lot of work on it, and I mean a lot of work on it, half the engine has been uprated. I never meant to cause an argument over this! sorry. But I have got my 0-62mph tested at a timing ground near where I live and I got 7.2seconds and hp of 142. Trust me, you can make a 1.4 16v Dual carbs civic go that more quickly, if your willing to spend a couple of hundred on it. Sorry to sound like I was bragging, but you know, I love my car, like you lot love yours, we all have different opinions and that's great! Have fun whatever your all doing!

2nd Jul 2003, 05:53

I own a Civic GL (dual carb, 1.4, 90hp) from 1990, not modded or anything. And all I can say that this car is really awesome for his age. The engine is fantastic.

He's even faster for the first 500 meters at the lights then my dad's Accord (2.0i from the year 2000).

Also is he faster then some other cars where you wouldn't expect it.

Once I was faster then a tuned Alfa 156 with 130 hp. (He came from 110 or 115 hp)

Last year, I reached 186 km/h (116 mph) without any problem.

I'm really proud of having this car :-)

Greetings from Phille (Belgium)

13th Jun 2005, 08:51

I have a 1.4 gl civic can any one tell me how much insurance is on one as I'm just in the process of finishing it as I have just finished re building it.

27th Jul 2005, 07:21

Its Insurance GROUP 10.

23rd May 2007, 14:48

I have a 91 1.4 GL Civic and it goes like stink, and it is a XR2 GTE beater. I've owned it 10 years and in my opinion, it gets quicker. I love it...

24th May 2007, 05:23

You're going on about the 1.4, drive the 1.6 vti vtec, it's miles more powerful and quicker.

4th Oct 2007, 07:01

I've got a 1.6 ivt from 1990, very rare these days, and it keeps up with Subarus, and all the current hot hatches, like the Focus ST, Civic Type R.

It will crack 60 in under 7 seconds.

It leaves Saxos, Astra GSI's, GTEs, the Fiesta ST and the rest of the bunch.

4th Oct 2007, 11:51

A Civic VTi will not do 0-60 in less than 7 seconds; its official 0-60 time is 7.7, and it will not keep up with the Focus ST or Civic type R, and it shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence as a Subaru.

I've replied to you before vti boy. I'm the Astra VXR owner. Can you please tell me somewhere were we can meet up so I can show you what a real hot hatch is? I honestly think if we had a drag race 0-100 I don't think I would be able to see you in my rear view mirror. That's what happened to the Clio Williams I raced and they have very similar performance figures as the horrible Civic VTi.

5th Oct 2007, 04:06

Its the same shape as the CRX and it will do 60 in under 7 seconds. It might be a banger, but it will keep up with your overpowered VXR. If you want to meet up I will bring a diesel BMW 535d tuned to 340bhp that will leave your VXR for dust.

The reason I mention the civic is because it's very very quick for a 1.6. If you think your VXR is rapid, bring it to Bradford and I will get lots of tuned up 1.6 VTi's that would dust it.

5th Oct 2007, 15:40

"It might be a banger, but it will keep up with your overpowered VXR"

Erm no, I don't think so; mines got 292 bhp, it doesn't have any problems putting its power down in dry conditions and 0-100 it can match an Impreza no problem. I have also raced a Clio V6 from a rolling start of around 50 and pulled away from him.

I am a fan of the Honda V-tec system (I used to own a Type R), and it was a good car, and yes they are very reliable, but my VXR is a lot quicker than the Type R was, especially above 60.

Most cars, the Type R included, slow down once above 60. What I mean by that is that they aren't as quick 60-90 as what they are 30-60. In the VXR this doesn't happen; it won't slow down in its acceleration until you get past 125.

Why am I telling you this? Because as the comment above says you've left a comment on every single Saxo VTR review, every Fiesta Zetec S review, every 106 GTI review etc etc saying "my vti eats your car". There's no need to say this to every one just because you think your car is better (not that I do; it's 17 years old and is probably worth about £300).

I have never ever left a comment to anyone saying my VXR is better than your car, or my VXR is faster than your car except when I've replied to you.

My point is that many people have far faster more expensive and much better looking cars than you, and lots of people have more expensive cars than me. You just look you're trying to make yourself sound better than other people, when you drive round in a 1990 Honda Civic.

8th Oct 2007, 12:08

"Once the Civic is turbo charged it would blow your VXR apart"

Good joke thanks for that. It would take a very big turbo, and a whole new cooling system new clutch etc etc to get a 1.6 160 bhp up to 290 bhp like my VXR. It would take 290bhp because the Civic is lighter and that is never a good thing when you have more than 200 bhp in a front wheel drive car; you need a bit of weight to use the power. The Civic VTi probably couldn't handle more than 200. By the time you've spent the money making it faster, you could have bought a proper car like a VXR, or maybe a Civic Type R.

The Saxo VTS is every bit as fast as the Civic VTi. They have the same 0-60 time. Go on youtube; there are plenty of videos showing the Civic VTi vs Saxo VTS, and on nearly all of them the Saxo edges it.

9th Oct 2007, 11:25

You say you would rather put a turbo on your vtec than buy a turbo car, but isn't it easier to buy a turbo car then change the cams to high lift ones? After all that's all a vtec is, high lift cams.

9th Oct 2007, 12:14

The 2.0 Vectra and the Astra VXR share one thing, a Vauxhall badge, that is it. The Astra VXR is the third best car Vauxhall have ever made behind the VX 220 and the Monaro VXR. It is streets ahead of the awful Vectra. Is the dc5 Integra Type R "sluggish" because the Honda Jazz is? I'm going to say probably not.