1990 Honda Civic EX 1.6L from North America


Auto tranny is SO SLOW


The thing is so slow; being automatic, below 2.7k RPM there's no response from the engine.

I bought it for MPG, but it was horrible for this small car. I got like 24-32 MPG. If you are going through mountains, you will get like 24 MPG. The only way to get 32 MPG is to drive it straight with 55mph.

It leaked oil.

Windows are slow.

Struts were bad.

Muffler needed replacement.

General Comments:

I think if this car was manual, it would have been a lot better. Since the engine has a power band from 2.7k RPM and up, you could keep the RPM where you need it to be for driving. I will never buy an old AT car; only MT.

What I liked about car was the handling was awesome; turns and twists were the best part, the car is small and it's like driving a go-kart.

I don't think I would buy this kind of old Honda again; newer ones are better. Luckily I sold it.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2013

28th Jun 2013, 17:29

The EX should actually be pretty fast, even off the line. I think the oil leak may be robbing some power. The handling feels a bit like a boat to me in the EX. It kind of bobs up and down in sharper corners.

1990 Honda Civic 1.5 gas 4 speed from North America


When I bought the car, it smoked a little (head gasket failure), but I drove it for a couple months with no issues.

I rebuilt the engine as soon as I bought the car:

- Head and block machined

- New pistons

- New valves

- New oil pump

- New water pump

- New fuel injectors

- New battery

- New alternator

- New distributor

I am rebuilding the suspension this weekend:

- New shocks

- New bushings

- New ball joints

- New axles

General Comments:

On a rebuilt engine:

- 34 MPG city

- 37 MPG highway

(~320 miles/10 gallon tank)

The car is slow (70 HP) but it makes up for that in MPG. The car is bare bones. If it ever breaks down on the side of the road, I would have no issue working on the engine or suspension (plenty of hand room on all sides).

If you work on your own cars, this car is a 10.

If you like to save money on gas, this car is a 10.

If you like to overtake drivers on the highway, this car is a 2.

If you like decent around town handling, this car is a 10.

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Review Date: 13th December, 2012

1990 Honda Civic Hatchback CX 1.5 from North America


This car gave the name Honda the mark of reliability


Both C.V. boots click when I turn.

Rust is consuming the car, starter went, oil in my spark plugs.

General Comments:

I bought this car when I had my old job, working at a gas station. So it was a point A to B car. It had little rust, everything was okay. The only things wrong with it was that I over paid and the last owners repaired the car "quick fix", as in sunroof glued (leaks), exhuast system badly weilded, minor stuff like that.

I got my new job 7 months ago, and I punched in 20000 kms on this baby, and it's still holding together, and I always tell myself that I'll drive it till it falls apart, and well it doesn't seem to be falling apart just yet.

The car is one of the best looking cars, third to the Honda Civic fifth generation and the Honda CRX. It's simplistic, light so you can push start and great on gas. If you wanted to, you could keep this car running forever, and it'll slowly turn into a classic. Of course not my Civic, the last owners permanently messed this car up (oil in spark plugs, riddled with quick fixes, shoddy paint job that leaves this car vulnerable to rust big time).

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Review Date: 25th September, 2009