1990 Honda Civic EXR Coupe 2.2 from North America


The Accord is a great value in a used car


This was a gem of a used car. A fussy original owner did everything in the book, on time, with the dealer. And, he had it oiled just about every year. So, it was almost like new after 11 Canadian winters.

Rocker cover oil seals at the plugs were gone and replaced by dealer at time of sale. 189km.

Front rotors and pads replace by dealer at time of sale. 189K km.

Transmission began making a whine because of a low oil level at 200K Km. Worst of the noise was put right with a fluid flush, but the noise never went away altogether.

Failed smog test at 210K km. It was put right with a new catalytic converter - $600 CAD.

Air conditioner condenser and dryer went at 220K km - $740 CAD.

A host of interior parts failed all at once including: both door handles that cracked and failed to function; rear-view mirror became loose; heater control cable. Dealer charged $45 CAD for each plastic handle, wanted $100 CAD for a new mirror, and were not interested in fixing the heater.

The plastic interior parts were stamped "made in USA". Honda has always got this stuff right before. Now they are just like all the rest- crappy.

CV joints on both sides are on the way out at 239K km.

The windshield has about 5 chips in it - way more than anything else I've ever driven. It's a rock magnet.

General Comments:

The Accord is one of the best cars around. Its sporty, comfortable, and handles very well.

If the maintenance is done there is never a doubt about getting where you want to go. And, the car holds up very well.

It has adequate everything. There are only three things I don’t like.

It shifts roughly. The auto-box on Hondas has always been a weak point.

It slips around badly in winter.

And, the alloy wheels leak air and there is no fix for this - just keep pumping.

I got 530K km out of an ‘87 Civic with no major overhauls. This one will go farther than that in way more style. Not bad for $5K CAD.

Not getting a car oil-sprayed is "car abuse" if you live in snow country. With it - a 13 year old car can be at its half-life point.

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Review Date: 19th October, 2003

1990 Honda Civic 1.6i-16 1.6i DOHC from UK and Ireland


Smooth and stealthily quick


I only bought this car a month ago, and it needed a new indicator lens, and the exhaust blows. That's just down to a missing bolt though, so it shall be remedied quickly.

General Comments:

I upgraded to the 1.6 Mk4 Civic from a 1.5 GTi Mk3 Civic, for the better performance and quality.

It is exceptionally quiet and refined, but not significantly faster. Having said that I got from Cornwall to Reading, a distance of 268 miles, in 2hrs 40mins! An average speed of 100.3mph.

At those speeds though it drinks like a fish. A full tank only lasted 180 miles.

All the electrics work well still, and the alarm remote too.

The factory fitted stereo is a joke.

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Review Date: 1st October, 2003

29th Oct 2004, 15:06

I have owned a 1991 civic 1.6I 16 for 8 years, current mileage 213000. Used for traveling weekly Dumfries to Heysham (lancs) Superb on motorway, fast, responsive, and very reliable. I like the fact that this car is not generaly recognised as a very fast hot hatch.

1990 Honda Civic DX 1.5L from North America


You get what you pay for


The car just leaks a little oil here and there, but it's no big deal, it's because the block is so old.

Other than that, it's fine.

General Comments:

This car does handle well due to me lowering the suspension.

The motor isn't all that bad.

I can keep up with stock V6 Mustangs until 3rd gear.

It really has no low-end torque. The motor starts making power close to its redline.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2003