15th Jul 2009, 12:30

I like Hondas. Here's why: I google:

"1997 honda civic" problem site:carsurvey.org/reviews/honda/civic/

And I see very few people talking about having a problem with this year Civic.

So that's why I am shopping for this vintage 1997ish and older Civics and Accords.

People talk about more problems with the newer Hondas. There was a golden age of Honda quality, and I think it's over. But keep looking for bargains.

I love this site. It is one of the most practically useful sites ever in the history of the world, since the pyramids. Now, they didn't have the Internet back then, so we had to wait a long time, but now that this carsurvey.org is here, well, we have a better chance to buy good used cars, I say.

And this last comment should be printed out and distributed to every high school and junior high in the world. It is BRILLIANT, and that GenX'er will go far in life.

27th Jul 2009, 22:51

I have a 1996 Honda Civic DX. 156,000 miles.

I've owned Fords and feel they are bad in resale and reliability... the DX is a POS but it is a Honda, and I will get my money back easy after using for a year.

It is POS because someone wrecked it and it looks a little white trashy - but have made some slight aesthetic changes and got it cheap because of that. Runs fantastic, and the gas mileage and handling are great.

21st Dec 2009, 05:36

Civics are just boring cars. I'm 18 and much more prefer my '85 Ford LTD Crown Victoria wagon to one. I've hit a pole and that just scuffed the bumper, taken it out into the desert driving at highway speeds, took it mug bogging after the rain and it still gets me to work everyday and carries most of our band equipment and 5 people besides me with excellent power.

All I've done to it so far is welded a new muffler on since some previous owner had it cut off and I needed it smogged, and replaced a torn brake line.

The only problems I have with it are I'm pretty broke and kinda drive on crappy unaligned tires, my brake pads are wearing out, and vacuum leak. It leaks a bit of oil too.

Throttle body fuel injection from its specific time is not very fun if you wanna find some performance parts either. The car just seems to take whatever I throw at it (or whatever other people throw at it literally). I've also won my share of races, unless it starts while the automatic's in 3rd or so.

22nd Mar 2010, 15:45

A Honda Civic... is not a race car...


A Honda Civic... IS NOT a race car.

It is however the BEST car I have ever owned. I own a 96 Honda Civic EX with 196,000 miles on it... yeah count em. I bought the car with 116,000 miles 7 years ago. The first owner "tricked it out" and ran the crap out of it.

At 130,000 I had to swap out the transmission, which went bad. However there are a million Civics, so I got a tranny with 45k miles on it for 300 dollars.

Other than that, I have had 0 major problems with this car.

I take care of my baby and drive her for efficiency, and am able to get 42 mpg on road trips. Enough said.

2nd Aug 2010, 08:58

I found a 97 Honda Civic 3 years ago for $2000 for my nephew. It had 180k on it and ran awesome and looked great. He is still driving it all over the place with no problems at all.

I changed the radiator for him and that is it. It now has 220k on it, and it still looks and runs the same as when he bought it. As long as the timing belt is changed, and regular oil changes are done regularly they will be bullet proof (also keep genuine Honda ATF fluid in your automatics) and they will run forever.

I have owned over 6 Hondas and Acuras and never had any mechanical problems. The good thing about a Honda is the resale value. I recently bought a 97 Accord for $500 that had an oil leak (it was the sending unit and I fixed it for $6). I sold it for $2500.

2nd Aug 2010, 18:52

" (also keep genuine Honda ATF fluid in your automatics) and they will run forever."

Using only Honda ATF fluid in Honda automatic transmissions is very important, and it's often forgotten. I'm not sure why, but Honda automatics don't do well with anything except Honda ATF. I've seen many Honda automatics replaced, and the reason for ALL of them was not using genuine Honda fluid. I've owned many Honda's, and when I changed the transmission fluid, I always used genuine Honda fluid and never had any problems (all my Honda's were driven to well over 250,000 miles). Honda's are bulletproof, but their transmissions are picky about their fluid. Use Honda fluid and there won't be any issues.

27th Dec 2010, 14:46

I own a 1995 Honda Civic 1.5 iLS VTEC, and it has never missed a beat! In the 4 years I have owned it, I have put a tyre on it and a front wheel bearing, and that's it! Civics are fantastic cars.

As far as performance is concerned from the VTEC, it goes very well, and I haven't had a lot of trouble keeping up with the majority of things on the road!

The best part of it is the fact it's a 4 door Burgundy saloon! The looks on the faces of people when they see the typical grampa car leaving them standing at the lights!