8th Jun 2003, 09:35

It's a fake review, it must be.

NO COMPANY IN THE WORLD would issue a CTR unless he had chosen it, they don't just give you it, that sort of car is managers or high end employee material Thus you have a choice.

Total p00.

Prob a 172 driver.

12th Sep 2003, 23:04

Hmm.. interesting comments there you have.. All the cars can always have different problems, it depends on what car and dealer. You should know that the cars can't be 100% perfect than you expect.

16th Dec 2007, 04:01

There seem to be a lot of upset Honda drivers here. That's the thing with civic Type R drivers; they think the car is perfect and everyone should like it. The original review is valid. I too think they have a horrid sounding engine and prefer the performance style a turbo gives. And a turbo diesel may be a lazy car, but not a petrol turbo.

17th Dec 2007, 11:26

I used to own a Type R, but since then I've had an Astra VXR with 292 bhp, and I have just bought a limited edition 30th anniversary Golf GTI with DSG gearbox; this has 287 bhp. I prefer turbo's to the v-tec system, but the Honda engine is the most reliable engine in the world. On Top Gear a couple of years ago Clarkson was in the S2000 and he said that in 13 years Honda built 15 million v-tec engines and never had a complaint about a failure.

17th Dec 2007, 11:52

The VTEC reliability isn't in question, but the type of engine and the performance it gives is; not everyone likes it. A turbo will always have a torque advantage over the high revving VTEC. And what do you mean re-build a turbo every 70k? I've had 3 turbo cars, never had to do this. What you are saying is untrue, so turbo all the way.

18th Dec 2007, 04:57

We should stop talking about vtec like its some sort of extra feature like a turbo, its not the same thing. Vtec is just a high level of N/A tuning done at the factory, with the clever part being the fact that its variable timing for good mpg. You can tune a turbo car in all sorts of ways just like you can fit a turbo to a car with hondas N/A tuned engines.

16th May 2010, 05:16

I have a facelift CTR, and I love it. The turning circle is crap, and it doesn't have high levels of torque like the VXR and ST, but so what, I just love the look of it.

Reliability is second to none.

Also Jeremy Clarkson loved it, and so did Tiff Needell. When put round the track, it comes out above nearly all its rivals.

I hear the new ones ain't as good though, unless you go for the Mugen tuned one if you've got £39000 spare LOL.

12th Jan 2020, 12:12

Who cares what Jeremy Clarkson or any other journalist thinks? These people are out of touch with reality, and in the real world, the 2003 Civic Type-R was just hopeless. Not practical, the ride was pretty poor and the engine had no torque.