2002 Honda Civic Type R 2.0 vtec petrol from UK and Ireland


TA TA Type r!


Nothing serious mainly trim problems.

General Comments:

This car looks odd! I was given as a company car and I hate it.

The adverts say bye bye gti, but my experience at the lights is more "Ta Ta Type R!" Golf's frequently beat it off until you rev the horrid sounding engine.

The interior is awful, spacious, but uncomfortable, not a patch on the seat leon I used to own.

The gear stick is in the wrong place.

My grandad also owns a civic.

The ride is way to hard, this would acceptable if the handling was great it is not.

This car should not be taken on to the motorway as it will make your ears bleed and your teeth will fall out.

On the plus side my fleet manager says I can replace it in 2005!

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2003

9th Jan 2003, 06:07

I agree with some of your comments, but to say the handling is not great! Every single magazine reviewer (even the ones who criticised this car for other things) have remarked on how good the handling of this car is. I have one and the handling is superb. Are you really saying your Seat Leon had better handling?

The ride is hard, certainly, but driving on the motorway is no problem. I even had 3 passengers a few days back and did 280 miles on the Motorway and we had no problems at all. City driving (esp in London) can be dodgy because the low profile tyres don't like potholes.

Surely you have some say in what company car you get? You obviously chose the car without doing your homework because this car was never intended for your kind of driver.

2002 Honda Civic Si 2.0 from North America


A sporty hatchback at a great price!


I have not had any problems.

General Comments:

I like the handling, steering and the anti lock brakes. The brakes are very effective on ice!

The power band is linear. It pulls at 2000 rpm up to 6800 rpm. It feels like a V-6 to me. I would like the Type-R power, but the Si pulls strong and makes high speed passes safely.

I got her for sub $17,000.00. It was the best deal compared to a Toyota Celica or Ford Focus.

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Review Date: 1st January, 2003

15th Mar 2004, 06:07

I was just wondering, how did you get an amazing deal like that? When I was pricing them out the cheapest that I found was around $19,000.

2002 Honda Civic LX from North America


Not like the Civics I have owned in the past


Since I bought the car (new) approximately 7 times, when I have gotten in my car to start it, just inserting the key and moving it to the first position (which is not the starting position) the car would start on it's own. Of course, because there is no noise when this happens, I keep turning the key to start the car and that is when I hear the loud grinding noise indicating that the car has already started. I have brought it in for service and of course they cannot locate the problem...

Noisy - up until approximately 3900 miles the car was smooth and quiet. At about 3900+ miles upon acceleration the car engine has become very loud. I thought that I had a hole in my muffler (having had this in the past, this is exactly what it sounded like) I have been told by the service at Honda that all the 2002 Honda Civics are loud like this...

General Comments:

Riding in the car is very comfortable.

However, the noise level is becoming unbearable for me.

Because of the way they now circulate the air and heat the car, my feet are cold all the time. I was told that there isn't any blower near the feet like it use to be in the other Civics.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2002

22nd Dec 2002, 19:31

I had similir problems with the heat in my 2001 Civic LX.

I found out that if, with the key off, you turn the heat direction control all the way counterclockwise so it is set to the floor, the fan on high, hold down the air recirculation button and the a/c button than turn on the key for about 10 seconds the light will flash in the a/c button.

This will enable you to have full heat on windshield and floor since you will be able to shut off A/C when in the defrost mode!!!

You may find that you will need to turn the A/C on to defog windows, but now it is a manual function.