2002 Honda Civic LX Sport 1.7 4 cylinder from North America


High Quality for low price


I have had two problems with my civic.

1: Small rattle in the corners of the dash. Easily fixed by dealer.

2: Drivers seat rocks back and forth, not a lot, but noticable. Have not had it looked at yet.

General Comments:

I was a little worried about how the performance would be, thought because it was a small economy car it wouldn't be very impressive. Thankfully I was worried for nothing car is very quick.

The fuel mileage is very good at around 30-35 mpg for a mix of city and highway driving.

For a small car it is extremely roomy and comfortable, air conditioning is plenty cold and heater is very warm when you need.

Overall I am very impressed with the car for the cheap price, high quality, and low manitenance costs. Highly recommend this car.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2003

2002 Honda Civic LX 4 cynlider from North America


Saved my life- great car!


Nothing has gone wrong yet, really...

General Comments:

I love my Civic. This was my first brand new car. But, I had it for a week before someone ran a red light and crashed into me. 1 week later!! But, thankfully, my passenger and I were fine. The car is not in the greatest shape and I have not found out if it is repairable or not. But, if it isn't, I am going back and getting one just like it. Safety wise, we suffered little during the accident. The car held up well, and with the Dual Response Airbags, they didn't even have to deploy. Somehow, they know how hard you are going to get hit, etc. and only deploy if needed. Thus, we didn't suffer any unnecessary air bags burns. I just can't wait to get rid of this rental car I am driving thanks to the insurance company (a very comparable Ford Focus- yet, not the same at all) and get back into my Honda.

Since I have spent a week driving the Ford Focus, I can definitely make an opinion on it. The two are very different. The Focus is very comfortable, but does not even come close to the styling of the Civic- on the inside and out.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2003

25th Feb 2003, 09:29

THIS COMMENT SUBMITTED UNDER BOTH CIVIC, and INSIGHT REVIEWS. I was wondering if anybody has any comments on the Civic Hybrid. I test drove one the other day, and am considering a purchase, but the only hybrid cars on the site are insights. The Civic being a bigger car, and the design based on an existing model instead of designed specifically for the hybrid use, I would really like to know how well it translates. I plan to use the vehicle as a multipurpose commuting/family sedan. If anybody has any advice, please email me at icymudpuppy@yahoo.com.

13th Nov 2004, 11:17


My friend and I was in a frontal collision with an 89 Mustang in his 2002 CIVIC sir, both car was totalled, both airbags was deployed, we both suffers from minor air-bag burns, but otherwise we're in good shape, you should see the condition of the Mustang, her front end is almost completely gone, (we hit her at 90KM/H) but our CIVIC SIR hatchback was relatively intact and we're both protected. I think the sport seats in his car protected us from furture injuries. I think the safety feature is excellent on his Civic.



2002 Honda Civic LX 4 cylinder from North America


A dependable choice


Gas Mileage isn't quite as good as I was expecting, but it is by no means bad. The car gets anywhere between 22 and 27 miles on main roads, and 25 to 35 on the freeway.

General Comments:

It accelerates really well.

Love the car.

The next car I buy will more likely than not be a Honda.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2003

2002 Honda Civic LX 4-Cylinder from North America


A high performance bargain



General Comments:

I love my car.

Although my Civic may not be a 6-cylinder or a V-tech, it handles wonderfully. If you looking for a seriously fast car, Civic is not an option. If you want dependability, Civic is the one.

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Review Date: 30th January, 2003

8th Sep 2004, 10:59

Civics aren't really "high performance," I think peppy is the phrase you are looking for. Civics are peppy, but high performance they most certainly aren't.

28th Oct 2004, 16:56

Vtech makes phones and other nice fine electronics. I can proudly say that I own a few. However, some Honda's come equipped with something called VTEC (Variable Valve Timing & Electronic Lift Controlled) engines. If your car doesn't work well on the highway, call Vtech and they can help you get electronics for the cigarette lighter. Hey, maybe they even sell radar detectors...

5th May 2007, 21:45

Hahaha man that's hilarious... good one to the poster above-- its true though!!