28th Jul 2003, 03:52

I am hoping to buy a Honda Civic 1.6 ESi shortly, at the moment I drive a Ford Escort GTi, I know the look of the hondas are better, which was my main reason for buying, it's just a friend says it wouldn't be as powerful as my Escort GTi (118bhp). Can some one help - Quick!


19th Dec 2003, 03:55

This review has made me desire the civic even more, you are correct that most cars can't take what you've given the civic, the next thing to match it are BMWs, and look at the comparison price of them...

As for the escort, as he said, even if you equal with the civic, add a turbo, and your bang on 200bhp, Civics eat Escorts.

5th Jan 2004, 12:46

Excellent Review, I wrote a review on this car, but this pretty much sums it up. This car may not be a Porsche or ferrari, but in terms of fun when driving it, it's an absolute blast, you can actually hear the VTEC kick in at 5400 rpm. Get this car now, you won't be disappointed.

2nd Jul 2008, 17:40

I've owned one for nearly 3 years now, and you're all right, it is really understated and surprising car for what it is. Those chav Citroen Saxo VTRs have got nothing on it. I remember having dabble with one with my girlfriend and the car full of shopping uphill, and the other car had just one guy driving it, and I not only kept up with it, it left it for dust!

21st May 2010, 09:28

Hi, I've got a 93 SiR saloon Civic, and as much fun as it is, it drinks oil. Every day it sees close to 130mph and about 8200 rpm; it loves it, but the gear box isn't liking it as much as it used to. Will I kill it if I stay doing what I'm doing?

21st May 2010, 19:52

It's a Honda, built for abuse. It can take one hell of a beating. But, eventually yes, it will break it. Nothing is invincible.