18th Oct 2004, 19:35

The scoob is a fine piece of engineering, but unless we are talking about the Sti, the stock WRX is slower to the ton than a CTR. I am confident that there is virtually nothing to separate them in real world driving (oh BTW, the CTR has a better top end too).

24th Sep 2005, 04:55

The 330ci is a wonderful car, I've had one, but now drive a CTR. Sometimes the numbers on the page do not reflect the 'smile factor' behind the wheel and this is a classic example. I kept the 330 for a year and have now had the CTR for nearly two and it STILL makes me smile.

A friend has a Scooby and it has to be said it is also an awesome car, turbo lag is a negative, but the 4 wheel drive makes a big difference.

In summary, they are all good cars for various reasons, but keep away from my CTR!!!

17th Feb 2007, 02:45

I'm so glad to see an argument about the 330ci and the CTR, as I was trying both a while back - in my opinion the BMW is slightly, and I mean only slightly faster, but much better top end and on a track I'm sure the torque of the big BMs 3.0 would help him keep the edge. No doubt its impressive for the Honda to keep up with it, but when driving in the real world we all know we would rather drive the BMW just because I found the civic to loud and rough, it really lacks style plus the depreciation is terrible I mean they're worth nothing now!

But the number one reason which really killed it for me was the chavy following it now has - this maybe just in my area (Dorset), but I swear I've never seen one driven without a baseball cap. Its sad really as it's not a bad car, but the Focus ST and Astra VXR put it to shame. Hopefully Honda's new Type R can put them back up there.

6th Mar 2007, 12:04

Civic probalby has the edge, but we all know we would rather have the bmw.

20th Sep 2007, 01:59

I recently traded my 2001 Impreza WRX for a 2003 Civic type R, so I know how they both run. I admit in the dry the Subaru is marginally faster. On a round about in the wet in second gear, plant your foot and the Scooby will squat down and motor round like it was on rails. The Civic will just plough head on. And the couple of days I drove the Impreza in snow was amazing. Nothing with only two wheel power could have touched it on the slippy stuff.

But I live in the real world, not a race or rally track. The Honda was a third less to insure. It gets forty percent more out of a gallon of petrol. And the last service on the Impreza was nine hundred pounds when they were finished. I dont ever expect to pay anything like that servicing a Civic.

Apart from the costs theres more. The gear change in the Type R is slick and fast while the Subarus is heavy and clunky by comparison, and, the sharp pointy steering in the Civic is a world away from the sloppy big ships wheel in the Impreza. The Honda is simply easier to drive, especially fast. Between the two, as long as its not snowing, the Type R is far more fun. The Civic is also quieter on the motorway, and even has a hatch back and folding rear seats for those awkward moments with awkward loads. I know it might not have quite the same street cred as a Scooby, but I will stick with my Type R for now.

As for the BMW 330? Its in a completely different class. It costs between 50 and 100 percent more than either of these cars so why is anybody comparing them.


3rd Oct 2007, 14:23

I currently have an MG ZS 180 that I love to bits, but I think its time for a change. I like the look of the civic type r and I have read some different comments about it. First of all I hope that they are as reliable as my MG, and what are they like to insure? I am just worried that its the type of car that people smash your front door in just to take your keys.

4th Oct 2007, 14:48

You MG ZS 180 is fundamentally a 95 to 01 Honda Civic 5 door. Thats why it was reliable. Any parts that were not reliable were probably added by Rover.


13th Dec 2007, 10:44

LOL. Last comment made me laugh. Sadly true!

I've been looking at relatively cheap/fast/reliable hot hatches, and the CTR seems to fit the bill best.

My questions is, what's the differences between the earlier models and the face-lift ones, say 2003? I notice the lights were changed (not sure I like the later cheap looking rear lights), any other differences?