31st Dec 2004, 13:07

This review should not even be in here.

Who cares about the performance of a car with a non-original engine and transmission?

Calling it a sports car is almost as ridiculous as comparing it to a Porsche!

1st Jan 2005, 15:37

This review is totally a sham. Bad comparison and not accurate. I expected it to be about reliability and repair history... I want my 2 minutes back.

1st Jan 2005, 18:04

The guy who placed the comment on the first of January 05 knows what he is saying regarding hybrid vehicles. The author of the review doesn't however. A Porsche is just that. A Honda is not nor ever will be. They are two different brands with two different approaches to building cars. Drive a Honda and then a Porsche...the difference is obvious. One is an intern, the other is an experienced surgeon.

2nd Jan 2005, 16:07

Wow! I am impressed that so many people took my review so seriously. OK, maybe I was being a little too general with the Porsche comparison. I was actually thinking along the lines off the 928 or the 944, which I do believe would compare quite well. And to the dude with the "hybrid" comment, hmm, maybe I have been mistaken? Anyway, I love my car, and I know that there are MANY Honda enthusiasts out there who love their rice rockets just the same.

My intent with this review was to provide information to anyone interested in purchasing a hopped-up Honda, as I needed info myself before I bought my car. And if you don't like the review, well, I don't much care anyway. I stand by my opinion.

30th Mar 2010, 22:36

6 years ago, I wrote this review. I still drive an EG Civic. I guess I will never grow up. I love Porsche, but will always love tinkering with and driving old Civics.

11th Sep 2010, 04:12

Man, I agree with the statement that it's got a Porsche performance, and most Hondas beat Porsches without a turbocharger. I went in a 1994 1.6 Honda Civic sedan; it beat our own BMW we have, which is a 1.8. Big ups Honda.