30th Jun 2009, 01:35

I have had a 2001 1.7 VTiS CVT Civic for 2 years now. The electric power steering takes a bit of getting used to after hydraulic steering. But Honda reckon the electric steering a saves 12 lbs weight and 3% of engine power, as the steering only draws appreciable power when the wheel is turned.

The CVT is truly awesome. I was apprehensive about it at first, but it is incredibly smooth, makes the best of engine power and fantastic performance from a 120 hp motor. It is important to change the transmission fluid frequently.

I get 550-600 km before the fuel light comes on and another 130 km before the tank empties. (50 litre tank). In regular commuting, cruising at 90-100 kph, I get 13 to 14 km per litre. I don't drive aggressively, but just keep up with the traffic. The response of the motor is instant and the acceleration, when required, very impressive.

This is our 3rd Civic, 5th Honda car (other 2 were an Accord and a Logo). Honda quality is as good as ever now.

Brakes are good, handling excellent - my last car was a 1991 Mazda MX5 and, quite frankly, the Civic is quicker, almost as nimble and handles almost about as well under every day commuting conditions. And is a lot more economical.

30th Jul 2009, 14:12

I have a 2001 Ferio, there is a squeaky noise in the EPS when it turns and sometimes it gets stiff in my hand.. The EPS light comes on the dash, goes off when you restart then the same thing happens over and over..

15th Jan 2011, 04:13

Hi guys.

I am currently using EK 3 1999, and I have an idea to go for a ES 3, but in my area, road conditions are not so good. At the moment, I'm managing with an EK 3, but how does the ES 3 handle such conditions?

Place give yours ideas.

3rd Feb 2011, 04:51

Hey guys, I too drive a Honda Civic ES3 (RS) automatic, and I have 2 problems.

First is the vibration coming from the gear box, which I have been told is a common fault in all Hondas that have CVT gear boxes. Agent's recommendation is to change ATF every 12,000km, which I do like every 10,000km, but after crossing 4000km, I get the vibration again. Is this normal, or you guys have any suggestions how I can get rid of this?

Second is the clicky noise coming from the steering rack. Again, I've been told this is a common problem, where the rack-ends gets loosened when driving on our bumpy roads. Every time I complain about this to the agent, they tighten the rack, which results the steering getting stiff. They tell me the only option is to replace the entire rack, which is very costly. Any suggestions?