2001 Honda Civic LX from North America


This car sucks next car will be a Toyota or nissan


Air conditioner completely replaced.

General Comments:

About 80,000 miles air conditioner problems just had replaced for $1200.00.

Dealer waited to diagnose problem correctly so that it would fall out of warranty. Also dealer wanted to replace the alternator seems to be another problem with the Honda Civic. I'll bet it's on all the Honda service bulletins.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2005

17th Nov 2009, 05:53

Yes mate! Honda is not the most reliable car around. I have owned many Japanese and German cars from time to time. In my personal opinion the top 3 reliable brands are 1. Nissan 2. Daihatsu 3. Toyota.

I am a taxi driver, I have driven Nissan Almera for a decade, and all it needed was an oil change. My wife owns a Daihatsu Charade for the last 5 years and has never seen a garage.

Older Hondas are not too bad, but still not as good as they claim.

18th Nov 2009, 08:29

Why not buy a 100000 mile warranty nicer domestic? I am done with imports.

2001 Honda Civic RS Sedan 1.7 VTEC from Japan


Good, reliable, attractive styling, solidly-built, but suspension disappointing


Driver's seat rocks slightly. I had it tightened once, but the problem has gradually returned.

There's an occasional clunking sound coming from the right side suspension when I go over a pothole. I've heard about problems with the struts on this model. Might be the cause.

General Comments:

I've been quite happy with this car, but the ride and handling is worse than the previous models.

This is my fourth Civic. Without a doubt this one has the best fit and finish. It feels refined and solid. However, the ride and handling on the previous Civic I owned (1995) was definitely better.

My car is a Ferio RS (1.7 litre VTEC), a model built for the Japanese and Asian markets.

Everything else about the car is good. I'm very particular about rattles and squeaks, and this one has few.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2005

24th Sep 2005, 20:02

I have the same car and am very happy with it - but curious about your comment.

I too noticed that the ride on the RS is stiffer than other Civics I've driven, but I assumed that that's because the RS is a performance version of the car, and therefore had harder springs. Because of the extra power - and since it's a JDM model - some of the internals on the RSs are different from the the regular civics, aren't they?

It would be nice if someone knowledgeable could comment on this.

2001 Honda Civic EX 1.7 VTEC from North America


Very good, fun to drive, reliable car


Brakes needed rotors and drums turned at 108,000.

General Comments:

I bought my 2001 Civic EX sedan new in June 2001. It is the 5 speed model. I just passed 112,500 Miles and am very pleased with the car.

The only repairs I have needed done were new brake linings and resurfacing (not replacing) of the rotors and drums. The dealer just replaced the timing belt at 110,000 as required by the Honda maintenance schedule.

I do agree with some of the other reviews about the problem with windshield wipers. It seems to always be substandard even when blades are fresh.

I occasionally drive a friends 2001 LX automatic. That car has only about 14,000. It is also trouble free.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2005

2001 Honda Civic LX 1.7L from North America




Front struts failed at 20K miles.

Clutch master cylinder failed at 20K miles.

Car handles very poorly in general and feels unsafe. It wanders and does not handle irregularities in the road well. Steering wheel feels very "light" and is off centered, even after alignment.

Upholstery is coming off door panels.

Cup holder grip detached and fell inside console.

Glove box rattles annoyingly when traversing all, but smooth roads.

General Comments:

I have treated this car like a newborn. Carwashes once a week, wax every 3 months, oil changes every 3K miles with only Honda oil filters. Only rarely driven over 60mph.

Guess what? For all I have put into it, I have grown to absolutely despise this car.

Honda does not manufacture the same quality vehicles they once did. My advice, stay clear of ALL new models!

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Review Date: 7th June, 2005

9th Jun 2005, 08:08

I totally agree with you. Its obvious that Honda has let the quality control drop on their cars. There are other makes of cars out there that are just as reliable as Honda and do not charge a finance fee (low interest or 0% interest). I have bought my last Honda.