2001 Honda Civic LX 1.7 Liter from North America


Reliable, fun, economical


The control arms were replaced by the dealership when I got the car because an accident caused one to bend and the bushings on the other one were worn.-$350 paid by dealership.

End-links were clunking so I replaced them with low quality replacements (first mistake), and then they kept breaking over and over till I got the right ones-$60.

When I first got the car they told me I should replace the brakes. Drove it hard for a year, and am just about to replace my pads sometime before next inspection.-$100 (anticipated cost)

Nailed a pothole at 70mph and bent one of my after-market rims, but the suspension sustained NO damage whatsoever.- lost a set of rims.

Replaced front outer tie rod ends at 110k miles because boots were torn and leaking.-$90 (replaced with Moog ends)

Clutch might need replacement soon, but its still the original clutch that has held up to 112k miles. This is really something only Honda can do.

Headliner in the rear is coming off a bit.

Cloth trim on the inside of the door panels is coming off a bit as well.

Glove-box rattles at times (such as Philadelphia's cobblestone roads in old city)

Other than that its just 30+MPG, and oil changes with spirited driving.

General Comments:

The car stock is nothing special, especially with the 115 horsepower non-VTEC motor, but a few modifications made it fun to drive around town. I have added.

Revo short shifter-$100

AEM cold air intake-$80 (used)

Tokico struts-$323

Neuspeed sport springs-$45 (used)

SPC camber kit-$59 (used)

20% window tint-$180 Llumar tint

17 inch wheels with 205 40 17 kuhmco ecsta supra tires-$800

Custom side-exit exhaust-$70

Progress 27mm front sway bar-$150

Progress 22mm rear sway bar-$150

Progress rear sway bar adapter kit with tie bar-$185

Rear strut bar-$50

Python HP640 alarm-$200 installed

Sony XD310 cd/MP3 deck-$160 installed

Sylvania Silverstar 9003/H4 bulbs-$40

Energy Suspension motor mount inserts-$40.

There are probbably more things there that I already forgot about, but the point is the car is very cheap to maintain, reliable as a wood burning stove, and sips gas, even under heavy driving, and constant downshifts. It is by no means the best honda platform to modify, but it certainly gives me great joy every time I get behind the wheel knowing that I can carve the offramp at 80mph with very little understeer. Now to the car itself, and away from the modifications.

The car, as any honda will last forever, but the actual running characteristics are great. The car is very smooth on the road, and feels very safe and solid (partly due to my modifications). There are a few interior flaws such as the rattling glovebox and the cloth trim on the inside door panels coming off, as well as the headliner in the rear starting to peel at the edge, but these are all very minor imperfections. The interior has very small gaps, which make it seem a lot nicer than a civic interior, and all of the controls are well placed. I give this car an 8 simply because I got the LX model that doesn't have Honda's VTEC camshaft profiling changeover, and this makes it a bit slower than I would have liked. Great as a daily driven car, good handling with aftermarket suspension, but I really do believe the motor is un-workable, and those who seek speed and not handling to seek elsewhere. If you are looking for reliable transportation, this is the car for you.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2007

10th Jul 2007, 00:48

Thanks for informative post. Couple of questions:

1. Do you find the Sylvania Silverstar 9003/H4 bulbs to be an improvement over the standard equipment bulbs?

2. In regards to your 30 mpg, what are your city/suburban/highway percentages?

2001 Honda Civic LX from North America


Pretty lame


My dog chewed the arm rest.

General Comments:

Very reliable and great on gas, however hate this car. I'd rather watch paint dry than drive this car.

I can't fit in the darn thing.. and I'm not a big guy! Very boring interior and drive. Used to driving a VW, which blows this thing out of the water.

I fear the day I should ever get in an accident in my civic. I feel like I'm riding in a go-kart.

It is however, cheap to own, cheap to maintain and always there for me. Change the oil, put some gas in every now and again and you're ready to roll.

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Review Date: 6th January, 2007

7th Jan 2007, 09:03

Too bad. As we all know, things like not being able to fit into the car and realizing it doesn't drive well aren't things that will pop up on a test drive or anything.


7th Jan 2007, 12:16

Yah, driving a VW is much more interesting than driving a Honda.

Most VW dealers have cable tv on the televisions in their service department customer lounges... much more interesting than watching paint drying...

7th Jan 2007, 12:42

When Robin Williams first became rich he was asked why he bought a 1966 Land Rover instead of a Porsche or Mercedes. He said it was because the car was unpredictable as he was.

Guess that explains why VW owners categorize their cars as being "more interesting" than driving a Honda.