2001 Honda Civic from North America


Outstanding around town special



Squeaks and rattles.


Door fabric inserts.

General Comments:

Wanted to share comments on my 2995.00 special I bought from a dealership in southern California. I recently purchased a 2001 Honda Civic LX sedan (manual trans). Hopefully it will help someone who is thinking of buying one of these little economy cars.

I started watching this vehicle at the dealership about 4 weeks ago. It started out at 6995.00 (plus tax/lic/and other fees to help the rich and poor in this country). The price then dropped down to 4995.00, in the third week. Then it dropped down to 3995.00 in the fourth week. Then I went into the dealership and did a test drive. (I didn't go into the dealership to test drive it prior to this because I didn't want them to think I was interested in it... my own little poker face method).

During the test drive I notice that the engine was still strong with the manual transmission, but the clutch was a little tired (clutches are cheaper to replace then engines). I notice it had a a lot of rattles and squeaks. Also the right front suspension was making a lot of noises over potholes. The vehicle was in pretty good shape for a vehicle that had 165,000 miles on it.

After test driving it, I looked for any type of fluid leaks underneath the vehicle, none. Then the negotiation part started. I started bad mouthing the vehicle a little (don't over do this).. I started saying that I didn't known how much it had left in it... and I hope it lasted another couple months.. talk like this in a low key way, but in a way where the sales manager can overhear it... then I offered 2995.00 and they accepted it.

Now the hard work started because I had no down and no money so I had to get a loan... the loan officer from Washovia bank really beat me up over this 2995.00 loan (the economy must be worse than I thought.. because I could tell he didn't want to give me this loan even though my credit score is 750)... Finally after 4 hours of waiting they approved the loan. With tax/lic/registr/funny fees it was 3500.00 out the door.

The best thing I can say about the vehicle it has a very strong engine with the manual transmission. I filled it up with mid grade (11 gallons at 2.239 a gallon for a total cost at about 25.00.. beats my Ford pick up at 60.00 per fill up).

I will have to fix the front struts and work on the numerous squeaks and rattles when I get a chance (actually when I get some money). Also I cleaned the interior with my carpet cleaner (do not get fabric wet in direct sunlight and do carpet cleaning on warm to hot days only). I also bluffed out paint with wax... surprised to see such a shiny paint underneath the dull weathered finish. It came out looking pretty good with 165,000 miles on it.

Don't buy a older Honda like this unless you get a very good deal on it.. and the engine runs strong and there are no leaks underneath the vehicle (take a towel or blanket with you so you can crawl underneath it). Run it hard during the test run and hit every pothole you can so you can listen for noises and to see how it reacts to the hits.... take it on the freeway and get it up to 70 or 80 to see how it runs.. don t buy a Honda with leaks/because Honda don't leak with average to aggressive driving... Also you will have to carpet clean the interior and bluff the paint out... and the vehicle has a lot of squeaks and rattles with wind noise around the weather strippings and mirrors...

In conclusion I have to say I am very happy with it at the price I paid for it... Would I be as happy with it if I paid more money for it?... definitely not... not with this many miles on it... I took a big chance with it... Also if it didn't have that strong engine with no leaking fluids I would have never bought it... I bought this Honda for around town trips and drive my Ford pick up for long distance drives.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2009

24th Sep 2009, 22:41

Wanted to follow up with additional comments on my original story on my 2001 Honda Civic LX model.

I bought some after market struts from the Internet. Price was 111.00 apiece for the front... and 87.00 apiece for the rear.. and some type of front upper pieces for the upper part of the front struts for 37.00 apiece... received them one week later... called around till I found the cheapest mechanic who would do it for 210.00 out the door...

Original problem was I had one noise coming from the front suspension .. now I have 3 noises coming from the front... big mistake on my part.. found out that I had opened up a can on worms with other suspension component problems... found out that I had bushing problems.. along with other problems...

My advice is to leave it alone or take it to Honda dealership for a free inspection to find out other problems (before you invest any money into it)... I did and they told me I needed another 800.00 in work... bushing.. caps (the upper part of the struts that rotate the springs as you move the steering wheel).... so I paid 464.00 for the internet struts and caps (for front/and struts front and rear).. and 210.00 for my local mechanic to install them... and I have more noise than I have had before... and a lot more noise than before...

My advice... leave it alone unless you want to end up with more problems... or take it to the Honda dealership.... but be prepared to pay a very large big bill because there are a lot of components to the front and rear suspension. And struts are only part of the suspension components...

If I had to do it all over again, I would have left it alone... yes it's true, I had a one clunking noise in the right front suspension.. and a floating sensation with the suspension... but I would still have about 640.00 in my pocket.... now I have to deal with investing another 800.00 in the car.....

2001 Honda Civic Type R 2.0 ivtec petrol from UK and Ireland


Quick, nimble and amazing soundtrack


Nothing so far, rear wiper doesn't work, but soon will.

Other than that, all seems good.

General Comments:

Pretty amazing what Honda have done with a 2.0; pick up is good and torque isn't that flat.

Previous car was a Seat Ibiza TDI 130 with over 230lb of torque, and the civic is no slouch. Vtec still surprises you and its acceleration capabilities are phenomenal. It runs a damn sight better on super unleaded and is much smoother.

MPG isn't bad, depends entirely on how you drive it, slow and steady sees 35mpg, drive it hard and somewhere in the low 20s, but it pays off for the sound and get up and go it's got.

Only had it a few weeks, but loving every minute of it.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2009

1st Mar 2009, 06:15

Good to read a review from someone who has actually driven one of these cars and doesn't just complain about 'low end torque'. Like you say, it is geared so that the car picks up fine in most gears, and you never have to change down to keep up with the traffic. I've also driven high torque TDIs, and just because the Civic isn't flat out until 5500rpm, doesn't mean it's slow below.

Just about the only car that is swaying me away from diesel for my next car, with low 30's being the average mpg for mixed driving. I am willing to sacrifice some economy and you have to factor in the 10p or more difference in fuel at the pumps...