15th May 2006, 12:49

Hi it's me. The original poster. Here is an update. My car just passed the 27,200 km mark and still nothing. In fact it seems the car is getting better to drive as the mileage goes up. My gas mileage as well also appears to be getting better. All I can say is this car is simply amazing. If you need a reliable car that is great on gas and will treat you well go for a Civic. I must say though I do have one regret about getting this car. I just wish I could have waited until the 2006 models came out..LOL.

22nd Feb 2007, 13:29

Awsome car, I've never could think of a better car for a student.

22nd Feb 2007, 18:45

And with adults. My neighbor has 240,000 miles on his Civic and has had near no problems until it got to 240,000 miles such as alternator, radiator, and timing belts. He has saved a lot of money and can pass his savings to his kids.

8th Apr 2007, 20:32

Hi it's me again. The original poster. Well the car has passed 47,000 km's now and have had 2 things happen. The first was the car broke an oxygen sensor. It had no effect on the way the car drove and the dealer replaced it under warranty no questions asked. The other thing that happened was in July of 2006 I backed my car into a wall accidentally. Hit it pretty hard too. The bumper was knocked a little out of place on the right hand side and I had the dealership snap it back into place. Soon afterwards I noticed a rattle coming from the car when I went over a bump. Had the dealership take a look at it at my next oil change. Turns out I had not even damaged the car. Just loosened a bracket under the bumper which was tightened for free. I must say I have been very impressed by the service I have received from the dealership.

4th May 2007, 11:00

Hey, I have read all the comments. I am a good fan of Civics. I bought a 2006 Civic when they came out. Right now I am having some financial difficulties, so I sold my Civic privately and got a decent price on it. I looked at an older model, the 2004 Civic, for a lower price that I can afford. What do you guys think of a 2004 Civic Special Edition? I really like the shape and the sporty look of it and there's not a lot of mileage on it. What do you guys think of it?

24th Jul 2007, 11:15

The 2004 models are very good cars. I would say that if it is within your price range then by all means go for it.

3rd Sep 2007, 23:31

4 Sept.2007-9:30.

I have read all the comments. I have 2004 Civic Special Edition since day one. Just passed 48,000 kilometers and run great.

7th Sep 2007, 21:44

Glad to have found this sight and read positive comments, I am shopping and contemplating on a 2004 civic SE, what does the special edition stand for? What makes it's different from the other models? I've heard people say to change the timing belt at 100km, but some say 160km. Which is correct?

1st Oct 2007, 19:38

I just took a Honda Civic SE for a test drive. 103KM on it.

Standard Asking 14,000. Is that a good price? I am a rookie at buying cars?

How are the standards compared to automatics?

3rd Oct 2007, 11:39


It's me the original poster. First off to the guy looking to buy the Civic with 104,000 km's on it as expensive as that seems it is unfortunately a legitimate price. These cars hold their values extremely well. I leased my 2005 model (review should have been for a 2005, not a 2004) in May of 2005 and when the lease is up in May of 2010 I have a buy out $7,360.00 with 120,000 km's and the car will still likely have a blue book value of 10,000 to 12,000. It is funny. You can often see a 5 year old Civic have a higher resale value than a 5 year old Cadilaac even though the Cadilaac cost almost twice as much brand new. The second thing I wanted to say is the car passed 64,000 km's just 2 weeks ago and nothing aside from a broken oxygen sensor has happened to it. Engine still sounds absolutey perfect, gas mileage is great and it drives perfectly. Dollar for dollar this car is the best you can get.

21st Dec 2007, 09:37

Yeah it's awesome. I just bought it Dec 18 and it's a 2004, and I am very impressed with this car. It's good on gas, runs better than a Dodge Neon and bla bla. I have 2004 model that I bought for 6 thousand $ and that was second hand when I bought it. It was 25000 kms used and I believe it runs better than a Civic 2006, and I also believe that this car will not have any major problem before 60000 kms. Japanese cars are awesome.