2005 Honda Civic Special Edition 1.7 gasoline from North America


It is a small little wonder


Nothing has gone wrong with the car, other than a few chips on the paint the car has been great.

General Comments:

I decided to buy this car after the engine of my previous car (Hyundai Accent) blew up. The car handles great compared to other cars in its class and the interior design is simple yet nice to look at, I especially like the transmission shifter. This car is very reliable and very cheap on gas which is very important these days. The only thing that could be improved is to make the seats more comfortable. Overall a great buy, I plan to keep this car for a long time.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2006

2005 Honda Civic VTI-S 1.6L VTEC 3 from Philippines


Great for everyday driving, but murder on the racing scene

General Comments:

The car handles decently; with a stable suspension system and quick responsive steering.

It has a decent transmission, with a semi-short throw shift already installed.

However, its acceleration is quite sloppy.

And it needs the whole basic upgrade package to run on par with the older civic models.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2006

15th Aug 2007, 02:49

My Civic VTi-S 2005 model has a very good engine. It runs fast compared to other brands of cars with the same size of engine.

The design is perfect. The seats are very comfortable for the driver and passengers, especially for filipino size.

Fuel consumption - economical.

From: Iligan, Philippines.

28th Nov 2017, 13:48

I still used my Honda VTI-S up to this day. I named it bullet because of its speed. It is a very economical car and reliable. I wish Honda would sell a manual version of the new Civic here in the Philippines because I cannot afford the Type R. "Onegai" Honda.

2005 Honda Civic VTi-S 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Family version of an Integra


Rear hub makes a noise in reverse - maybe a bearing; a common problem on VTi-S Civics.

Nothing else so far!

General Comments:

I am really into my cars, and know very well what Honda cars are about. I've avoided buying a Honda so far because of their street racer boy look, but I opted to get a Civic VTis as it's a bit rarer and more family orientated, but don't let that fool you, the 1.8 engine is similar to the one found in Honda's race ready Integra! Just doesn't rev as high, and with the equipped LSD, it handles like a go kart!

If you look underneath the car, you will find the stiff braces and double wishbone suspension. The handling really is thrilling; a bit of understeer if you really hit the limits, but nothing to worry about, it's fantastically responsive.

The VTEC engine is incredible, there is plenty of power down low, and you never have to upshift, even with the car full. But push it and the VTEC kicks in with a glorious roar, and suddenly the car rockets forward, albeit it needs winding to the redline, but that's part of the fun!

I'm well impressed with the VTi-S; it looks great, drives fantastic, and with nice leather seats, is quite comfortable. Economy is also amazing

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Review Date: 20th December, 2005

17th Jan 2006, 18:55

Have had car for 18 months, 1999 t plate very low 15000 miles (the best I can figure, is it is genuine!! after a bit of checking-up)

Reliable, average fuel cost (and 169 BHP!), Only had to fit a back box on the exhaust.

Excellent car I intend to keep it until it DIES!!!

Just average performance until around 6200 rpm then it becomes a sports car, it roars at you for more! happily up to 8200 RPM.

Drop a gear and overtake with confidence.

9.5 out of 10 (saving 10/10 for the type r!, GIVE US A 5 DOOR VERSION HONDA!!!)

2005 Honda Civic Special Edition 1.7 Litre from North America


Best Car for Under 20K


So far nothing has gone wrong at all and from my conversations with other Civic owners I do not feel I will need to worry at all until around 250,000 Km's.

General Comments:

This car is without a doubt the best car anyone can buy for under $20,000. it is very reliable, handles very well and the 115 hp engine is more than adequate. There is plenty of space in the car and the trunk is more than large enough. I do a lot of driving on weekends and never once have I ever even considered the fact that this car will not get me where I need to go. Sure the car does not have much mileage on it as of yet, but after reading reviews about the Dodge Neon (my apologies to Neon owners who love their car) I realize sometimes cars do break down before even reaching 10,000 Km's. When it is time to finally get a new car my intentions will be to get another Civic.

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Review Date: 15th December, 2005

5th Jan 2006, 23:45

I agree with your comments. I am also an owner of a 2004 Honda Civic Special Edition. My particular car has more the 52000km on it and even though I am young and drive it hard I have not had a single major problem with the car. (I have posted my comments about this car.) Trust me, the car will get you where you need to go! I have posted comments on this website boasting my car.

As for the 115hp engine, again, I am younger, but all I feel that someone has to do is rev the engine to get power. If you let the engine lug it will seem gutless to some. These engines were born to rev!

Again I am sorry for those who have bought a Dodge Neon!

Happy motoring with your Civic!