2005 Honda Civic 1.7CTDi 1.7CTDi from UK and Ireland


Unimpressive diesel


Gear lever gaiter loose meaning gear change is even worse.

General Comments:

I have to say that this is one of the worst Honda's I have driven. The engine is particularly poor, having to rev it to at least 2250rpm before it will move adequately away from stand still and then you have to put up with a Leyland Daf van style industrious diesel rumble. Not the most flexible, refined or nice to use diesel by a long way- is this really a Honda engine??

Gear change is equally far from slick and movements are to close to eachother ie 4th and reverse. The steering lacks poise and can be too vague.

Ride quality is good being quiet and soft and usual Honda standards of exemplary build quality apply. That said, just a few of the plastic edges and finishes are not on par with Mazda.

The Civic 5-door is superbly roomy, but Honda seem to have dropped putting sunroofs in to their Civics. Not available on any models except the Executive 1.6 now. Neat looks from behind, but a bland front.

43mpg is usually always achievable no matter how hard the car is driven.

High driving position will not suit all and the absence of an arm rest or a storage box in between the front seats is annoying on long journeys.

Honda quality spoilt by a poor engine with too many flat spots. A Megane 1.9dci is a nicer engine to use, but I'd rather have a Civic for reliability and spaciousness.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2005

12th May 2005, 12:57

The Diesel engine in the Civic is not a Honda Unit, but an Isuzu unit which is also found the Vauxhall Astra that I owned previously. In that fitment the Engine was Jerky and unresponsive. It is due to this that when I bought My 04 Civic that I opted for the Petrol over the Diesel. I hope that the New Civic uses the 2.2 Honda unit instead of the 1.7 unit.