2010 Honda CR-V LX 4 cylinder from North America


Dangerous on slick roads


Everything on the car is in working order.

General Comments:

This car did not meet our expectations. The four wheel drive is called "real-time" and does not engage until you are already spinning a wheel. There is no manual override to engage 4x4 all the time.

The CR-V performed very very poorly in snow. We were quite surprised by the awful and dangerous performance. The vehicle easily slides, and as noted above, the 4x4 does not engage until you are spinning.

Driving off a paved road is difficult because the clearance is very low. And, if the surface is slick - see above for discussion of 4x4.

The interior is comfortable for most people, but is a bit small for me at 6'4" - the only issue is my knee hitting the dash, there is plenty of headroom.

The ride is rough, and the vehicle likes to jump around.

The cargo racks are set so far back on the roof that long cargo boxes will not fit, or they will block the rear hatch, making it difficult to access.

The vehicle seems to be a good commuter car for paved roads and good weather conditions. Fuel economy is good.

Overall, we are disappointed with the CR-V, and would not buy another one.

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Review Date: 28th February, 2011

29th Jun 2011, 11:50

Thank you for your review. Was going to buy this vehicle with the express purpose of having a good handling car in the snow, you just saved me from making a big mistake!

19th Feb 2012, 17:17

Hi - we have a 2009 model CRV, and live in snowy New Brunswick, Canada, and we find it to be THE best car we have ever had in snow. We had a 2001 4WD Tahoe before the CRV, and we find the CRV to be much better. AS such, we find the snow handling criticisms hard to comprehend. Could it be that the reviewer did NOT have winter tires on - we do - that may make a HUGE difference.

17th Mar 2012, 14:42

I had a 2010 CRV that was great in the snow.

18th Mar 2012, 21:30

We have an '06 CR-V that isn't just great in the snow, but so far has performed brilliantly in every situation we've thrown at it. Easily gets down the rough trail (deep water, some spots of heavy mud, lots of big rocks) to the river we kayak at. Also handled an extremely steep (and VERY rocky) hill down a different part of that same trail. Mind you, this was all done with the factory Bridgestone Dueler's on.

We've followed friends down trails who can't believe our little Honda is easily keeping up with their large pick-up trucks without even breaking a sweat. No snow tires, no off-road modifications, nothing. Just a stock CR-V. Perhaps you need to slow down in icy conditions?

6th Apr 2013, 05:37

My question is, did you use real winter tires on the car when you say it performs poorly in the snow? It is not, like you say, a real 4WD, but still, for the normal road conditions it performs reasonably well. Here in Canada it's a very popular vehicle and we do have heavy winters. But, like I say, we always use good quality winter tires - such as Michelin, Goodyear, Yokohama or Toyo, as opposed to all season tires, during the cold season.

6th Jun 2013, 07:05

Please understand, 4 wheel drive does not mean good in snow.

4 wheel drive + WINTER tires = good in snow.

Also, two wheel drive + WINTER tires = good in snow.