10th Jun 2012, 09:30

I agree with you that the CR-V is a not a very good vehicle. Thankfully I only rented one for a week, and that week seemed to last for years as I couldn't wait to get out of that underpowered, tinny, uncomfortable little buzz box, and get back into my Jeep Liberty Limited.

I've been in other Honda models that seemed like decent cars, but the CR-V was dreadful, and I don't understand why they are so popular. I wouldn't take one as a gift.

11th Jun 2012, 11:25

I did expect this, but it came as a surprise, as this car is well maintained by a Honda dealer, and the price was just shocking, with it coming to over 1000 pounds.

11th Jun 2012, 11:27

I forgot to say as well that I've sold that car and recently brought a Hyundai IX35.

19th Jun 2012, 11:17

I also forgot to mention that the car drinks about 1L of oil per month. And the car's paint is falling apart slightly around the doors and wheel arches. Not only that; sometimes there is a funny smell that smells like fuel.

19th Jun 2012, 19:56

Finally, an honest review that illustrates what a tin-sled CR-V's actually are.

6th Apr 2013, 05:46

I lived in Europe and now in Canada. I have to say that many European cars, comparing in the same price class, are generally better performing and have superior looking interiors compared to Japanese cars that are very popular here in Canada. The selling point of the Japanese cars here is especially the reliability when compared to the other local market's best selling vehicles. We mostly have American vehicles and few European brands, especially Volvo, BMW and Mercedes. Basically, when we buy Japanese, we buy a car that will feel cheaper, but will last longer with less repairs.

6th Apr 2013, 19:21

I have friends and business clients who own the CRV and equally awful RAV-4. I've gone on trips in these cars, and they are so noisy you can't carry on a conversation in them. In addition, they were only getting 19 MPG on the highway. I really don't see the appeal of these cars. Thankfully one of my business associates has recently traded for the much quieter and better built Ford Escape. We can actually converse in it without shouting.