3rd Jun 2002, 23:14

What lack of power are you referring to? Our 2001 EX CRV passed a Tribute ES V6 up Snoqualmie Pass past North Bend, WA. The driver tried to keep up, but dropping into 3rd kept our distance. We had two passengers, he had one. As we crested the pass, I slowed and he finally was able to pass by going downhill! I think he was mad. The 2000 & 2001 CRVs have different spark plugs than 1997-1999 models. Maybe your CRV had the wrong plugs.

ALSO, CRVs are marketed as all-wheel drive when necessary, otherwise it is only front-wheel drive. Great for slippery conditions and snow, but not for tearing up the terrain like some yahoos love to do. Why would I want to mess up a perfectly good vehicle and get it scratched and dented?

8th Jul 2002, 19:34

Unless the Tribute was a 4 cylinder model, the only reason you passed him was because the the driver of the Tribute CHOSE to go at a slower speed.

And the Tribute/Escape's 4x4 system is similar to the CR-V's, although it is far better at preventing wheel slippage thanks to the Control Trac II's system of allowing the 4x4 mode to be engaged very quickly for dangerous conditions, where the half-second loss of traction that the CR-V may experience could really be dangerous.

26th Oct 2002, 09:49

The guy in the ES V6 (Not a 4 cylinder, I can read the plate on the vehicle, thank you) was trying to go uphill at good clip, but because I was traveling 70 mph to maintain my momentum, my CRV passed him which gave the guy a surprised look! The point here is not speed, but the fact that the 2001 CRV 4 cylinder is not the weak-engined CRV a lot of folks think. It won't tow a huge boat, but that's not why we bought it.

And the all-wheel drive works very well as I can attest to when I drove the CRV when it was new through the same pass in the spring. A freak snowstorm hit at the crest of the pass and I along with a couple of other CRVs and a Subaru made it through with no problems.

Oh yeah, around here, a 2000 or 2001 CRV sells for a higher price than a 2001 Tribute or Escape, especially the Escape.

27th Feb 2003, 13:50

Okay Tribute owner, you need to stop bragging up your rebadged Escape. I have a 2002 Tribute V6 that is a unreal piece of garbage. I laughed at my Mazda dealer when they handed me "Ford" keys and "Ford" fobs when I took delivery of my "Mazda". My tribute had its first engine replacement at 13,000kms. Warranty. My 4X4 system broke when I was trying to get up my driveway the winter after the summer when I bought it. Fought with dealer, replaced under warranty. Second Engine was replaced at get this 14,589kms, and you know what, the 4X4 didn't last a month before it had to be fixed again. Then one morning I put the rear defrost on, and the back window smashed out all on its own. They bragged about its 3.0l being more peppier and more torque then a CR-V, sure, but you know what, I will take my CR-V back anyway, oh yeah, my Tribute as we speak, has 24,589, and it is at the dealer for the forth time getting its 4X4 replaced, called to check on its success, it won't start... Need I say more. I am a 58yo man, I promise I don't off-road, hasn't sat out in snow, doesn't drive over 120km/h, and this is the thanks I get.

28th May 2003, 16:23

I own a 2000 Honda CRV and I'm having problems. I bought it new and at 23,000 miles the car was stalling at traffic lights. My CRV has always had regular maintenance done to it. I was told the problem was that the valves needed adjustment and I was also told that something concerning the valve was put together wrong. I was lucky that the CRV was still under warranty at the time. Now at 75,000 miles I have to have major work done to the valves ($1300). Has anyone had this problem or know someone who has?

14th Jun 2003, 20:28

I had a 97 CRV when I moved to ND. I tood a trip to Montana and passed through the rockies with no trouble at all. Those who need excursions to do the same thing are only power hungry. Be objective and look at the numbers for 0-60 of this 4 cylinder with V8's. It is not meant to win the off road or rock crawling competitions. But this IS a great car for both city and highway trips!!!

23rd Aug 2003, 11:04

I love my V-6 Tribute I would much rather have that than the Honda CRV that everyone on the road has, plus I don't think that the CRV has any power at all I have driven one before and I was shocked it was so slow, I would expect more from a Honda-

4th Sep 2003, 12:43

My 2000 Honda CR-V is now having the transmission replaced... for the second time. I was repeated told by the Honda Service manager that the poor shifting was due to a seriously underpowered engine. In other words the car started out with serious problems, and I would just have to learn to live with it, or trade up to the new models in which they supposedly correctly the problem. I have to rent vehicles now just to drive from MN to Colorado, because driving my CR-V is not possible as the elevation change alone makes the transmission go into spaz mode. Think my 3rd transmission will be any better? I'm not holding my breath, and Honda is not backing it with any warranty. I thought I was buying a automobile with a reliable reputation, and was horribly mistaken.

6th Apr 2009, 16:39

The next gen CR-V was an improvement over the one you had. Not as much power as the Tribute/Escape, but the 4 cylinder was powerful enough. Also, the reliability is better, and it is actually the same size as the Tribute in that iteration. If you're comparing a Tribute to a CR-V, make sure it is of the same vintage. The CR-V of that vintage trumps the Tribute on reliability and will continue to do so down the road.

7th Apr 2009, 13:29

The CRV isn't meant to be a power house of a vehicle, although it ranks among the best in class with power to weight, it has always been a little light on the power side. I will say this about the new version of the HONDA CRV "WOW", simply said. The new style blows away anything in it's class and the ride is excellent. There is ample power for any on road driving situation, and the amenities are all there. I don't think the Mazda holds a candle to Honda, and never will it in my mind, Mazda is simply out classed.

19th Mar 2012, 11:31

The CR-V is not supposed to be a power house, and comparing it to a Ford Escape is not fair. The Honda is a much better vehicle; just check out Consumer Reviews, or this site...

19th Mar 2012, 23:00

I own a 2006 Honda CR-V. I do have to agree that the Accord 4-banger is no powerhouse, but I find it to be adequate. I do mostly city driving, and find it to have more than enough power in those conditions. It has very good off the line acceleration and low-end torque. It does however fall short a bit on the highway when RPMS are a bit higher. Passing power is seriously lacking, and it does seem to struggle a bit on steep hills. That being said, it will still hum along a 70 MPH without much complaint.

A V6 option would be a nice touch in the CR-V though, even if just to raise its pathetic towing capacity (1500 lbs.) Despite being the biggest car we own, the other three (2 Corolla's and a Camry) can all tow more at 2000 lbs. each. They even have smaller 4-cylinders (with the exclusion of the Camry, which also has a 2.4L 4-cylinder).