2000 Honda CR-V SE from North America


Perfect small reasonably priced SUV


Not a thing.

It is a fabulous vehicle and I will never own any other car as long as the CRV is made.

General Comments:

Good performance.

Good cargo space.

Comfortable seating, with plenty of cup holders. Excellent height from pavement for an elderly parent to get into comfortably.

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Review Date: 24th September, 2002

2000 Honda CR-V LX 4 Cylinder from North America


Get an Escape or Tribute. It's got what the CR-V NEEDS


Air Conditioning.

Engine needed early tune-up.

Radio knob fell off.

General Comments:

This car needs more POWER. It's a cute little runabout, but it's desperately underpowered. I constantly need to floor it to avoid getting rear-ended on the freeway. And I live on a moderate hill, and the CRV can barely make it up. A tune-up helped the performance a little, but it the engine is far too overworked. Unless you live in Kansas and feel like keeping pace with the truckers, the constant throttling of the engine will make the fuel economy miserable.

Driving it is like driving a minivan. The LAST thing it screams is "Sport Utility Vehicle." You sit like you're in a minivan. One benefit is the center pass-through, however.

Another little clever thing is the Picnic table. It's a handy thing to have.

The dimpled-plastic on the doors I could do without.

This little ute has ZERO (read ZE-RO) off-road ability. NONE. PERIOD. You're hard-pressed on hilly dirt roads. It's decent for tiptoeing in slush-puddles, it takes a second for the 4 wheel drive to engage. I'm unimpressed.

We ended up selling this early and buying a loaded Mazda Tribute. What a difference! Plenty of grunt, and a little bit of off-road capability (but it's no Jeep or Land Rover.) It also seems roomier in the inside (the back seat is even better), and less minivan-like. Despite the recalls, it's been trouble-free. I would reccomend getting this or the Ford Escape over the CR-V.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2002

29th May 2002, 13:54

How many times have you had your Tribute serviced since this review? I hear those cars are a reliability nightmare. Do yourself a favor a get a 2002 CRV. A much better investment...

3rd Jun 2002, 18:57

I have gotten my Tribute serviced Zero (read, 0) times.

I purchased it after the recall snafu.

I would disagree with you completely about your assumption that the 2002 CR-V is a better investment, as it is still lacking in the Power department, as well as in many other departments.

My Tribute has been extremely reliable, and would once again highly reccomend.

2000 Honda CR-V ES Camel Trophy Ltd Edition 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Not perfect, but very very good


Driver's seat belt catch a little stiff.

Otherwise, the usual faultless Honda owning experience.

General Comments:

A well built vehicle, could do with more power.

I would only consider this car with a leather interior, the cloth interior is out of place on a car of this quality.

The spare wheel cover (perspex disc with chrome belt) is poorly designed and hence almost impossible fasten properly if you're on your own.

However, the general finish is excellent.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2002

15th Oct 2009, 07:57

Could you tell me how your clutch is holding up?

2000 Honda CR-V EX 2.0 DOHC from North America


A perfectly balanced car and light SUV as well


Nothing wrong!

Really reliable.

General Comments:

If you know the CR-V very well, you won't drive it "really off-road". CR-V is designed for city and "light off-road" use, it's handling is perfect on the highway, like a car with a good double wishbone, also very good for skiing, camping and outdoor activity.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2001