2000 Honda CR-V 2 liter Engine from Australia and New Zealand


Love it


Good quality car has no faults at all in the past four years.

General Comments:

Will buy Honda for my next car.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2004

2000 Honda CR-V 2.0L from North America


Pathetic, Lousy excuse for a SUV


Hmm...where to start...

Head gasket soon after I bought it.

The Radio would only play AM.

Transmission slipped, sometimes would totally skip second gear.

Sometimes the Engine would Crank, but not start.

Something kept killing the battery, never could figure out what.

Leaked oil.

Burned Oil.

Tons of little odds and ends that I won't mention, such as the horn only working 20% of the time and the headlights flicking off at random.

General Comments:

Well, where should I start?

The Engine in this thing was pathetic in the power department, It wasn't even AWD and it wouldn't even slip the tires on pavement. I've got a 1300LB boat I hook behind my 87 Ranger with a 2.9L and almost 410,000 miles, and it pulls it with ease, the typical Japanese lack of anything resembling Torque was very apparent with this Vehicle. When I was pulling it up boat ramps, I would floor it and pray. Most of the time just Bogging down as the tinny little Asian motor pulled with every shread of tiny guts it had.

The cockpit...Cramped, Spartan, and cheap. Typical Asian Car. The plastic controls we're hard to grab, and the seat was the most uncomfortable thing this side of a buckboard. The gas pedal must of been designed for small people, because my size 14 foot had trouble finding the gas pedal.

The driving experience was awful. With the A\C on I had to floor it to go with traffic off of a red-light. It handled like a Sports car... which is NOT a good thing in my book... unless it is a sports car. It was hard to park for being so small, it rode harder than my much tougher and stouter built little BII I have.

Besides that... this thing was awful in the snow... I have a old 77 Lead Sled LTD II that goes better than this thing, can you imagine my embarrassment when in the winter time I was in a "SUV" and had to get pulled out by a Chevy Caprice?

The only reason I bought this thing was because my wife liked it better than the Expedition I used to have, well, she bought a Ranger, and I'm in the process of getting another Expedition... a REAL SUV. With a Full Frame, V8, and true 4wd. Big Deal if it sucks more gas and emits more smog...it's a better Vehicle.

I thought cars built over in Japan we're supposed to be better than domestic cars?...I guess not. NEVER will I buy another foreign vehicle.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2004

27th Jan 2007, 14:43

If it is marketed as an outdoorsy 4x4, that's a total lie, mine doesn't have enough power to climb a hill led alone anything else!

28th Jan 2007, 22:35

80% of the homemakers who own a giant SUV will be ready to climb up any hill at any given time...

25th Mar 2007, 01:47

We bought our first CR-V, with AWD, in 1998 while living in Austria. We drove all over the Alps, rain, snow, ice and shine, with never a problem. It cruised easily at the Austrian speed limit of 81 mph (130 kph), took the Alps in stride, and we cried when we sold it before returning stateside. I am 6'4" tall and fit in it fine, lots of headroom in the CR-V, which was one reason we bought it. Jeeps on the other hand do not have good headroom and terrible lumbar support; the CR-V's adjustable lumbar support is a godsend for those of us with bad backs. We bought our second CR-V in 2000 and have driven it in the U.S., also in ice, snow, rain and shine, nary a problem, and now have it in Moscow, Russia, where we have traversed Russia's infamously bad rural roads, including mud up to the hubs, and driven in very icy and snowy conditions, with never a problem. Of course, we aren't trying to tow 1300-lb trailers with a car sporting a 2-liter engine, either.