10th Aug 2007, 15:30

CR-Vs are basically a bigger uglier Civic. Not really all that good for off-road capabilities and what not, but should be fairly reliable.

11th Aug 2007, 12:07

I used to have a CR-V, and never had any problems getting stuck in any weather, and it could take light off roading... just don't put it in any situation where the wheels will get stuck in a crevice, or something is going to drag across the bottom. To tell you the truth, about 90% of any SUV never goes off road, so to complain about how it can't go off road is an over statement.

Also with the 1997-2001 CRV it is important to have the valves adjusted, because my sister did not do any maintenance on it, and what do you know... Valve number three had to be replaced at 102,000 miles. This is the only problem we really ever had on it since it was new, and that we had to pay out of pocket.

12th Aug 2007, 15:03

The CR-V is pretty much just an all-wheel-drive station wagon. Like some have said, its purpose is for getting you around in inclement weather with an extra margin of safety, maybe driving through a couple inches of snow. Driving over a hayfield at the county fair, or up a rutted driveway in the country is about the extent of off-road driving that they should do. They are not off-road vehicles, and are not "real 4x4's", and that should be totally obvious by looking at one. They're fine for what most people use an "SUV" for, but even at that, the CR-V should never leave the garage if there's more than 6 inches of snow on the road.

27th Mar 2010, 21:14

No way anyone should be comparing a $40,000, 5,800 pound, V8 engined, 9mpg Expedition to a $25,000 3,500 pound, I4 engined 21mpg CRV. Totally different types of vehicles, designed for two different uses and markets.

19th Nov 2010, 14:23

I have a 1998 CRV and have had little to no problems with it. The car now has 320,000 km on it. We change the oil regularly and have the car serviced by a local mechanic.

Living in BC Canada, we have a lot of snow to deal with, and have never once been left stuck by our CRV. Although I would be the first to acknowledge that it is not designed as a serious off road 4x4, its AWD system seems to do the job. We have explored many a logging and back road, sometimes with portions washed out and large holes.

The small 4 cylinder engine is a bit sluggish, especially uphill with a full load, but it is reliable.

We are going to get another CRV with less Kms, but I'll still be driving this one for another 200,000km.

20th Nov 2010, 15:49

The CRV is not a car, truck, minivan, or even a SUV.

Uncomfortable ride, poor fuel economy, small cargo area, underpowered, poor off-road capability.

It's a completely useless, flashy, cheap crossover SUV that middle class people buy to impress the neighbors.

A completely overpriced, ugly and unpractical piece of junk for those that have money to waste...

21st Nov 2010, 17:09

I disagree with comment 15:49. My 2006 CR-V is a great small SUV. It has lots of interior space, decent power, lots of low-end torque, good off-road capability (obviously it's no rock climber, but I've driven mine through some pretty serious terrain, and it performed quite well for a vehicle that is designed primarily for on-road use), and gets very good fuel economy, considering it has 4-wheel drive (I average about 25 MPG).

29th Nov 2010, 06:18

1. The CR-V is rated as extremely reliable by various independent sources

2. OK, it's not a V8, but what did you expect? It's a 4 banger, and compared to other 4 bangers it's good.

3. Mileage is comparable to compact cars, and ride quality is pretty good compared to similar cars

4. This is not a "true" 4x4, but it handles very well in the snow thanks to increased height and its 4 wheel drive system. I've driven it through 15 inches of snow with no problems, and to compare it to an old Caprice is just nonsense. I used to drive one of these lead sleds in the old days, and they are useless in even 5 inches of snow, even with new winter tires.

23rd Dec 2010, 06:43

Well I have a CRV, the second Honda in 25 years, the first I drove for about 20 (Integra). I also have a big V8 Chevy (also my second one), which I like a lot to drive with.

They are two completely different cars, to keep it simple - what has gone wrong with the Honda(s)? As good as nothing in 25 years. Amazing!

What is gone wrong with the Chevys? Well, anything you can think of and more!

1st Mar 2011, 16:38

I think someone's realised they bought the wrong car for what they wanted, and is unwilling to admit the mistake was their own.

The CR-V was never marketed as an off roader, and never pretended to be a serious off roader. Muddy fields, and fairly smooth dirt tracks are about as off road as the CR-V should ever go. Stick to this, and you'll get a wonderfully reliable car. Treat it like a "real 4x4", and you'll just end up breaking something, or breaking down.

15th Sep 2011, 08:30

I think the owner has misunderstood the purpose of the Honda CRV. It is not an SUV in the normal sense, and it is not designed for the hard work of towing heavily-loaded trailers. It is first and foremost a recreational vehicle (the RV in CRV), which has some capacity for dealing with slippery circumstances such as snow and mud.

I have driven mine a lot in the Japanese mountains, and in the snow it is quite capable to a certain extent, but I take the trouble to put chains on the front wheels in deep wet snow on a normal road. It is fine in dry compacted snow, and in wet snow off-track. I don't use it for towing (trailers are rare in Japan anyway), but I don't think it has the torque for a big trailer (and was not meant for that). Also, it is likely that the engines in the US are rather de-tuned compared to other countries. I am more than happy with its acceleration and performance locally and on the highway, here in Japan. It cruises very well at the highway speed limit of 110kph and I have easily done 160kph with it (100mph). I rather wonder what the complaining owner is expecting!

It is the most reliable car I have had (15 years now), and it is car number 23. It is not just reliable... nothing has ever gone wrong with it. But of course, I have never thrashed it and it has a perfect maintenance record. If you have bought secondhand, then you have no idea what has been done to the car.

If you understand Honda's approach, and use the car appropriately and not expect it to perform like a 4 litre V8, then you will be more than satisfied.