8th Sep 2009, 14:23

2002 Honda CRV

When purchased, within 2 weeks the AC compressor/system went out while driving in Arizona in July. The system was replaced under warranty.

On 11/15/08 was driving on the freeway when we heard a noise and noticed no more cool air blowing. Took the car to a Honda dealer and they said "oh yeah, this happens a lot with that model". They wanted 2450.67 to replace the whole system due to compressor failure.

So please add yet another CRV owner to this obvious epidemic...

12th Sep 2009, 01:54

Bought a cherry 2002 CRV from a woman who took it into the dealer for all the scheduled maintenance. She just had the A/C compressor replaced weeks before I bought the car. I drove it for 7K miles/1 year, and whaddya know, today the compressor exploded and took out the serpentine belt. Luckily I was right by a freeway exit and stopped the car before the engine overheated. It was $300 to replace the belt and diagnose what caused the belt to break. The whole reason I bought a Honda was because of the legendary reliability. Now I am looking at a minimum $1500 repair (that had just been done a year previous). Good times. Should've stuck with Toyota's - never had any problems with them. In fact I had an old-skool Toyota mini-van I drove into the ground. The A/C still worked the day I sold it. F Honda!

12th Sep 2009, 08:40

I hate to break it to the original reviewer, but Mr. Honda passed away in 1991.

15th Sep 2009, 11:45

I'm the original owner of a 2002 Honda CR-V with 168,000 KM. I'm also in a forgiving climate in regards to AC (Canada).

I replaced the blower fan 2 weeks ago for just over $250.00.

Now the AC stopped working! Nothing like throwing good money into a bottomless pit!

I'm looking at new brakes (pads and rotors), new suspension (springs and shocks), A timing belt replacement and now a new AC unit.

I promised I'd run this car into the ground before I purchasing a new one, but I think I'm done.

21st Sep 2009, 19:22

THIS IS RIDICULOUS!! I have a 2004 CRV and the compressor went out. This is Honda's fault, and two years later it hasn't changed. I refuse to pay for anything and will contact an attorney and hopefully win. I thought Honda was a great brand and so efficient, but I have come to realize that there no better than an American car!! I'll stick with my country.

23rd Sep 2009, 13:16

This is unbelievable! I had no idea this was happening. I purchased my brand new 2005 CRV from the dealer. My car has 59000 miles on it and the a/c compressor just went out. I live in Colorado where we don't really use the A/c that much. Bought the car 4 years ago almost to the day.

L Boulder, Colorado.

25th Sep 2009, 20:43

My 2002 CRV A/C went out. I went to the dealer and was told that the A/C Compressor is bad. They recommended A/C compressor, clutch and coil $1249.23 plus tax. In addition to this the engine light won't go off. I thought it was the the gas cap, but it is the O2 sensor bad that will be $490.00.

I am disgusted. This was my first brand new Honda. I bought it for reliability. Now I see so many others with the same problem.

5th Oct 2009, 00:16

I'm the original reviewer. I did not realize that the problems I had with the CR-V were so widespread. It's been about 4 years since I traded that car. I now drive a Mercedes and a Toyota FJ Cruiser. I've had no problems out of either of those vehicles. I really think that the 2002 model year was just a bad year for the CR-V. I also want to thank the guy who informed me that Mr. Honda died in 1991. (I was being facetious)

E.M., in Texas.

22nd Oct 2009, 11:41

I drive a 2002 Honda CRV and my air went out on me at about 90,000 miles. Each summer I get a shot of freon in the system and I am good to go for the summer (as long as I put on max air).

I am 161,000 miles and other than normal wear and tear stuff (tires and brakes) I can't complain about my CRV. Original muffler and nearly everything else (except for two belts).

23rd Oct 2009, 12:04

"After 4 years of service and 29,500 miles, I contracted the BLACK DEATH and I died from it".

Those are the final words of my 05CR-V a/c. The repair estimate is $2,400 (they still have to inspect the whole system for contamination, that means an higher bill). After negotiation, Honda accepted the idea, a possibility of goodwill warranty. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

23rd Oct 2009, 12:10

I have a 2004 CRV with an AC system that imploded at 105,000 Km 60,000 miles. Dealer quotes $27,000 to fix problem will not assist. Honda Canada suggesting this is not a known problem. Obviously they do not check the internet reviews. I will not buy another Honda unless they "good will" the warranty.

16th Dec 2009, 13:39

Our 2002 Honda CRV without warning, suddenly completely lost its lowbeam headlights. This was on a very dark narrow road.

I was barely able to get the car stopped without a major accident. This was much too close for comfort.

In the total darkness I could not move fast enough to flip the headlight switch to bright till after I got the car stopped.

The bright lights worked, but it was dangerous getting to a safe pull off site as the bright lights were blinding oncoming traffic.

The headlight fusses checked out good.

Next day I replaced the headlight bulbs. Still no low beam lights.

Honda dealership charged me $95; $87 labor and $8 for Shop Supply Charge) to replace the new bulbs with Honda bulbs. They did not work either. And put my new bulbs back in.

They then said I needed a switch, and quoted a price of $243.

I am hearing a lot serious and dangerous problems with Honda's lighting systems.

Does anybody know why Honda has not issued a recall on this? This is not a one time incident. Honda knows it has a problem.

I am also hearing more and more people complain about Honda's declining reputation. Honda, I feel that you have put out a dangerous product and should stand up and issue a recall to prevent serious problems to your customers and others. Thank You.

6th Jan 2010, 23:02

Funny, I was in the market to but a nice reliable CR-V, but hearing all these story about A/C compressors that exploded...

No, I can't afford a 3000.00 bill. Even though I have a good paying job. I had 2 Hondas in my life time, good reliable cars, and they were all good to me...

87 Honda Civic, used to deliver pizzas with, was good, plain fun to drive, only paid 800.00 bucks for it until I cracked the block from driving too hard to get the pizza there in 30 minutes...

92 Honda Accord EX-R, sold it for 4500 and had 325,000 miles. Only paid 10,000.00 used and had it for 7 years. Best car I ever had. Would like to look for one like it some day. They are getting harder to find with low mileage...

But back the A/C compressor; I think I'll check out how Toyota is doing...

These days it seems harder and harder to find a good reliable car, but I'm most have their flaws...

V S C... New Brunswick, Canada.