21st Jun 2011, 11:25

Thinking Honda produced great vehicles, we replaced our 1982 Accord with a used 2002 CR-V with 110,000km, only to find the A/C intermittent. Our independent mechanic indicated we need a new clutch and coil. Honda dealer wants over $500.00 for the 2 parts. Looking online reveals this is a typical system failure that Honda refuses to address, and is choosing to maintain as a "money maker" for the company and their dealers.

This is our last Honda!

Consider http://www.onlineaccompressors.com/addtocart/2002_Honda/CRV/A-C_Compressor/60-00840.html# for your replacement part(s). We were told to replace the whole system on this vehicle.

Ross in Ontario, Canada.

9th Sep 2011, 19:01

I have a 2002 CRV. My A/C air compressor also "blew and has metal pieces thru out the system", and needs to be replaced. I contacted Honda, and after a month I finally received a response, I did mention the "Good Will Warranty", and was informed that they do not have any such warranty. I was quoted $3,000 to fix the problem, but Honda lowered it to 1,920. I am very disappointed in Honda, and feel that they do know about the problem with their A/C air compressor. As such, I no longer am a Honda consumer.

1st Jul 2012, 19:48

I am also having problems with my AC & locks. I have a 2002 CRV.

4 years ago the A/C went out. Metal "shredded" the whole thing. Spent over a thousand dollars to fix. Within a year it went out again; dealership fixed it. Next year went out again! Couldn't get off work to take it in. Was a few days past warranty & the dealership wouldn't touch it. Been without an A/C since. Finally saved enough money to have it fixed AGAIN. $400 later, worked for a few weeks, now out again.

Replaced one driver's side lock, & broke again. Trunk lock went out too.

Soooo hot this summer, and have spent thousands of dollars to still not have an A/C.

Thanks for everybody's comments. Feel better I'm not the only one, but wish I had read these sooner. Honda should really recall this problem and find a permanent fix. And I too will not be buying a Honda again. Not so much for the problems, but how they treat their customers.

16th Jul 2013, 01:14

July, 2013, my Honda 2004 CRV EX (120K miles) had its compressor seize-up. This contaminated the whole A/C system. All parts (compressor expander dryer, condenser, etc) must be replaced AKA "black death". An independent specialist wants $1,750, but does not replace the tubes and hoses; only flushes them.

Honda wants $2600 + tax to replace everything including hoses and tubing. Honda doesn't believe flushing will fix it.

I called Honda corporate and got a case #, but Honda won't help me pay for the repair. Honda has known about this problem for some time now. Honda lost a class action suit against them for this problem. THIS IS MY 3RD HONDA. I WILL NEVER BUY A HONDA AGAIN!!!

16th Jul 2013, 18:04

I know I'm gonna get a lot of hate for saying this, but I only buy domestic made cars, and I have never had any serious problems.

Honda made a lot of good cars in the 90's, but their reputation for quality is not deserved at all any more. Now you just pay way too much for them for no reason, and the repairs are astronomically expensive compared to a domestic car. $2500 for an A/C repair ? I can buy 2 used Buicks on Craigslist for that price, and they will probably outlast the CRV...

30th Jul 2013, 09:57

No hate. I have worked in an engineering capacity for many car makers (American soil and overseas, including aftermarket parts or factory parts). ALL vehicles have issues. If they are American made that is fine, but every class of car has issues. Some are just 'bad'. Comments do help appraise the issues.

Normally, good maintenance practices are the best thing to keep all vehicles operating smoothly.

I just had a Honda problem. This is a known issue - compressor. Number ONE: keep good notes, have the dealership and the mechanic take good notes and you need to KEEP a copy of THESE notes. THEN, go to Honda (or any vehicle company) and do a show and tell. Having facts will help you and others.

My compressor heaved -- I have to pay under $1000.

I spoke to Honda first and went SLOWLY with the local Honda Dealership to sort out the facts.

Remember to pray. That is the best. All will be OK. This is just a hiccup (or speed bump) in life. Let's be helpful and come together to make it work for all of us.

Cindy Roux